Get Down, Right Now

In a time when music often feels sculpted by the cold hands of algorithms and
manufactured for short-lived TikTok fame, Dinley Jones emerges as an artisan in a factory
world. Jones crafts genre-blending tracks that utilise contemporary sensibilities. While
many find their footing in music much later in life, this prodigious talent made his mark
early, stepping into the limelight at the tender age of 13 in musical theatre. It was a
harbinger of the polymath to come.

Dinley oscillates smoothly between being a potent lyricist, an evocative vocalist, a meticulous choreographer, and even a director.

In the world of Dinley Jones, art isn’t piecemeal—it’s an all-encompassing phenomenon. From
the initial conceptual strokes to the last finishing touch, he curates every element to
produce an integrated spectacle. Now, on to his genre-merging skills. Jones’ latest work,
Get Down, Right Now, gives us something altogether distinctive. In a captivating mélange,
he entwines elements of disco’s effervescence, hip-hop’s raw vitality, and funk’s hypnotic
rhythms to forge a soundscape that’s both innovative and endearingly familiar. As Dinley
says about the story behind the track, ‘The song is about dancing! Encapsulating the
energy and fun that you would have at the club or a house party. To make you want to grab
your partner, pulling them close and feel good! It’s dark, and light. With an urgency in the
air.’ But what about his recognition? Well, accolades aren’t shy around Jones. His
cinematic and sonic exploits with Get Down, Right Now have attracted more than casual
glances, including the 2023 Los Angeles International Music Video Festival, which saw fit
to honour him with nominations for both ‘Best Music Video’ and ‘Best Director.’ And
let’s not bypass those streaming numbers: tens of thousands of listens and counting signal
that his influence isn’t some localized phenomenon. The guy’s orbit is expanding, and the
celestial bodies of the music world are starting to take notice. To dissect Get Down, Right
Now further: it’s more than a sonic composition; it’s Jones’ manifesto of artistic
The track stands at the intersection of his past achievements and the
promising road ahead, embodying an intricate fusion of his diverse talents and fluid genre

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