HushHushBiz Q & A with Singer Cassidy-Rae

This week we had the pleasure of doing a Q&A with songstress Cassidy-Rae, whom has just released her new single ‘Ton Of Bricks’. Cassidy-Rae, gave us great insight into her life as an artist, her hopes and dreams for the future; and although this year is slowly but surely coming to an end she has many great things lined up for 2021. Cassidy-Rae’s new single is a tune not easily forgotten with a captivating mix of country and pop, it will certainly win over the hearts of many. Make sure to check it out here!

Who inspires you to keep making music in the music Industry?

To put it short, everyone. I write music because it is who I am. But one of the best parts about sharing that music with the world is when people connect emotionally to the songs I share and knowing that my music has connected with someone, from my heart to theirs, that’s what inspires me to continue writing. Knowing that in my own unique way, I can make this space a better place.

What is the highlight of your music career thus far?

That is a hard question because there are so many amazing, pinch-me, moments. From the time I was flown to the launch of World Kindness France to perform my song “Just Smile” or taking the main stage at Tamworth Country Music Festival. And then there are these incredible moments I will forever cherish on cruise ships where, while on vacation, guests (my new friends) have travelled off the ship onto a brand new island and spent their vacation time streaming and learning the lyrics to my songs so later that night, they will request them just so they can sing along. Thankfully, with my Sunday Sit-downs, I get to re-live those moments every time I re-watch the videos because every week I’ve been sharing the joys and celebrations and highlight moments. There’s never one highlight.

In your new single ‘Ton of Bricks’ what inspired you to mix both country and pop?

I have always loved and appreciated the authenticity of country – the story-telling, the genuine emotion and the connection to the heart. I love the use of ‘ureal’ instruments however, I am fascinated by the power and stylings of ‘pop’ vocals and I wanted to blend them both together. I think this song is both country in the lyrics, the instrumentation and the truth of the story, as well as ‘pop’ because its such a relatable topic of our age (its the ultimate friendship goals) and the power and stylings vocally suit the concept so well.

In the song ‘Ton of Brick’ there is a strong story behind it, is this a personal experience?

Un-surprisingly, yes. A lot of my stories come from personal experiences. I was attending the Academy of Country Music, a two-week intensive course held by amazing Australian country music artists before the Tamworth Country Music Festival when my friend called to share the exciting news that she was in a relationship. The side note to that is her new boyfriend in his previous relationship had cheated. So, instead of writing a warning message to the new beau, I turned to the piano and “Ton Of bricks” was completed about 1 hour later. Funnily enough, I ended up singing it on stage with him in the audience, so I think he ended up hearing the message loud and clear.

How was your experience at Love Hz Studios?

I love working with Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios. Writing music has always been a subconscious process for me, where I can hear the entire song in my head and at Love Hz Studios, I’ve found a producer that can hear the song that helps me bring it to life. It’s such a great dynamic that we either finish each others sentences or just completely speak a different language of half words and half sentences, knowing what the other is saying. It’s awesome to create with a creative multi-instrumentalist.

Where does your passion for music come from?

That is indefinable. I have always been drawn to music, from before I can remember. Seriously. There are photos of me as an infant playing/slamming my fingers on the piano. Growing up, there was a motto in my family – “do what makes you happy because if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” I’ve always loved music and it’s always brought me joy so I’ve constantly chosen to walk up everyday exploring what I love. I love that it connects people. I love that it speaks when words fail. I love that I can turn to the piano at all times and find solace, comfort, inspiration, love, joy and more.

What is your next step in your music career?

Music and travelling. I am so ready for this next chapter – a new year and new music. Also, I missed a lot of travelling this year, so as soon as I can, I want to come visit and have tea and sing with all of my friends!

As a travelling songstress what is your favourite destination?

As a musician, anywhere that has a piano – not kidding. Before I became a Piano Bar Entertainer with Carnival Cruise Lines, I celebrated my 21st birthday with my family by taking a cruise, and the entire trip, everyday I would wake up and see which piano was unlocked so I could go play to my hearts’ content. That was my idea of a ‘vacation’ – and I loved it! As a person that loves to travel, its a tie between Australia and USA at the moment – so many amazing places I haven’t yet explored, that I want to visit!

How has COVID affected your work and how are you getting through it?

COVID hit as I was packing my bags to hop onto a cruise ship and sing my way to Hawaii. My 2020 would’ve been extremely different – I was going to be quite nomadic, travelling around Australia and internationally for the entire year. Instead of flying and cruising, I was able to spend quality time at home with my family, and some amazing times online virtually with friends around the world, sharing music and spreading good vibes, not the virus! I even had time to learn to play the guitar, and I was sharing my journey every week on my live shows online. Thankfully, all my friends were incredibly supportive, so I wrote them a song and was able to record it with Michael Carpenter from Love HZ Studios during the pandemic, and release it to the world as a gift – because, despite the interrupted plans, there was no better place than with the people we love. Most of my days have been busy sharing new music – “I’m On Vacation”, “No Better Place” and “Ton Of Bricks” – and writing new music – which I’ve started to record ready for next year. During this year, I was still able to release a new song “I’m On Vacation” (on the day I was meant to be joining another ship in California) which I thought was pretty ironic – and a way to make the best out of a bad situation – take everyone on a virtual vacation! And it’s reached over 70,000 views on YouTube and was featured on Foxtel’s CMT. Ton of Bricks recently hit over 20,000 streams and I’m beyond grateful for the love on No Better Place.

Can we be expecting another single this year?

Not this year, but I am BEYOND excited for next year – there is a TON of Bricks worth of music I’ve got up my sleeve!

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