Australian rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer Iluminative has just released Sacred Temple the second single to be lifted from his remarkable hip-hop and rock flavoured album, Kundalini Rising. Since beginning his career in 2006, Iluminative has gone from strength to strength, releasing four albums and eight mixtapes and establishing a unique presence on the live music scene.

The new release draws on the same expansive subject matter as his previous single, the title track off the album, however Sacred Temple adopts a different cosmetic allure; rather than utilising the sound of crunching guitars the new song relies on Iluminative’s canny ability to blend emotionally powerful performances with the equally evocative sonic textures of cinematic strings, mesmerising beats, and grand percussive hits. The song’s lyric delves into the area of self-care and positivity with the opening lines cogently summarising the track’s concerns: Body is a temple included in the trinity / includes the true ministry / the true you is spirit, spirit truly is infinity.

As Iluminative has outlined, the spiritual is very much at the foreground of this new record: ‘It is about Kundalini rising, an ancient spiritual practice of rising energy through the whole body. This awakens what our ancestors called the sacred snake in our energy and physical body. This leads to knowledge and awareness beyond the physical five sense perception.’

The verses, which not only highlight a compelling production base but also a vigorously nuanced vocal performance, lead into the chorus, with its hooks, backing vocals and hypnotic assemblage of supporting sounds. As Iluminative has said about where he hopes his music can take him: ‘To a larger market so I can at least attract my tribe, vibe attracts tribe. Just here to share knowledge, stories, and experiences through my music.’ And no doubt Sacred Temple will go a long way in securing that aim for one of this country’s most vital rap artists.

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