Brisbane Powerhouse presents The Confidence Man and This Is Capital City

…hands-down winner for most engaging and original piece of theatre for 2013.Theatre Press on The Confidence Man

Part choose your own adventure, part theatre, part walking tour, Carluccio has created a masterpiece.Courier Mail on This Is Capital City

Brisbane audiences are invited to step inside the worlds of two thrilling new shows when Brisbane Powerhouse presents the interactive duo of The Confidence Man and This Is Capital City from 26 October 2015.

Hailed by The West Australian as “Lantana meets Pulp Fiction”, The Confidence Man allows audience members to either observe or perform in the immersive heist drama.

Co-writer Adriane Daff says the beauty of the show is the original experience of each session, created by the ever-changing cast of characters.

“Every show is different – the most wonderful thing about human beings is that they constantly surprise you. It’s not so much about the individual, every performance is the sum of all parts.”

The Confidence Man

The Confidence Man

Equipped with masks and headsets, participants are guided through the story from sinister start to shocking end. Those less adventurous can survey the action from the perimeter, eavesdropping on the characters’ most private thoughts and conversations.

Completing the thriller-double, This Is Capital City returns to Brisbane in an all-new version following its critically acclaimed presentation at La Boite Indie in 2013.

Acclaimed by critics as a great work of fiction as well as design, This Is Capital City takes audiences on a journey around Brisbane Powerhouse via a voice heard in first person through headphones.

According to co-creator Sandra Carluccio a lot has changed since the earlier seasons of the production.

“After presenting at La Boite Indie in 2013 we had a lot of success including a win from the Matilda Awards in 2013, the QPAC La Boite Indie prize, and successfully securing a redevelopment grant from the Australia Council for the Arts.

“We have significantly improved the location based technology (going from GPS to Bluetooth triggers) and the story has also changed completely – the aesthetic and themes of the piece make Brisbane Powerhouse the perfect environment to stage the work.

“I hope the audience will experience a sense of being integral to the world we have created, to move between feeling isolation and connection to people – and that they will never forget visiting Capital City.”

DATE Mon 26-Sat 31 Oct 2015
VENUE Brisbane Powerhouse
TICKETS $32 + transaction fee ($3 single / $6 multiple)
INFO 07 3358 8600 /

DATE Wed 28-Sat 31 Oct 2015
VENUE Powerhouse Theatre
TICKETS $45(f), $35(c) + transaction fee ($3 single / $6 multiple)
INFO 07 3358 8600 /

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