International Album Dedicated to Oprah Winfrey and The Own Television Network Growing Momentum

International Album Dedicated to Oprah Winfrey and The Own Television Network Growing Momentum

Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, Glenn Close, The Prince of Cambodia, Government Leaders and Millions of People Unite With Paul Luftenegger’s Work Inspiring Global Love and Kindness Through Music

Paul Luftenegger releases his international album titled “LOVE EXPANDING LOVE” in more than 120 countries around the world on November 11th, 2014. He aims to encourage global love and kindness through positive conscious music asking beautiful hearts to get involved by creating a LOVE+WAVE from heart to heart around the world by word of mouth. His international album is dedicated to Oprah Winfrey and OWN Television Network as a way of expressing his gratitude and to say “thank you” for helping him heal and move on from the tragic suicide of his father that happened in 2011.
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Paul Luftenegger is a Canadian independent international multi award winning singer and songwriter. LOVE EXPANDING LOVE is his new grassroots record publicly funded by LOVE+MONEY sent to Paul through a Kickstarter campaign funded by fans from all over the world. His international album will be released through iTunes and will be made available in more than 120 countries worldwide to inspire love and human kindness. His album has been shared already to millions through syndicated online radio shows. His music is loved and appreciated by various people across the world. The Prince of Cambodia, Glenn Close, the Premier of Ontario, and O Magazine are fans and friends of Paul Luftenegger’s work. Each song has a message for the world like honoring the elderly, feeding every mouth, asking all governments to be kind, putting your hand on your heart and saying I love you, and so on.

Luftenegger’s first international success came from his last album titled “Diamond Light” with the multi award winning Canadian producer, Arun Chaturvedi. This record holds certain important work so as to inspire Universal Love as well as an LGBTQ positive song talking about “growing up gay”. The tittle track ‘Diamond Light’ won the honorable mention award with USA Songwriting Competition in 2013. Paul released singles from this particular record throughout 2013 with the entire body of work being made available through worldwide distribution on iTunes on January 14th, 2014.

With the launch of his new international album, LOVE EXPANDING LOVE Paul Luftenegger dreams of inspiring and touching millions of hearts to aid the world with a balm of LOVE by asking people to share in the old way music use to be nurtured — from one heart to another creating a wave of love for all life!

Paul is known affectionately to always wish his fans abundant peace, love, joy, happiness, and prosperity! To learn more about Paul Luftenegger, please visit

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