Interview QA With Rock Legend Glenn Shorrock

QA Conversation with rock legend Glenn Shorrock on his new touring show

Hush Hush Biz new addition to music and concerts is Paul Finalyson. Paul spoke to one of his favourite music legends “Glenn Shorrock” last week, which brought about lots of memories which Paul begin his conversation with Glenn on his new touring show which is about to kick off next month in Twin Towns on April 9th.

So Glenn I have grew up listening to “Little River Band” as a child and my dad would listen to your records all the time..and at parties he would always be telling people that Little River Band is the best band in the world and Diamanotina Cocktail is one the best records of all time and its very thrilling to being able to speak to you today and more as to this new show!

Question:1 So with less than one month to go,before the premier of your new show The History of Rock and Roll Part 1..according to Glenn are the rehersals and the songs shaping up?

Answer:Its a Labor of love,its a lot to take care of obviously putting it all together..its a pretty ambitious title, but its tongue in cheek! in a lot of ways. Its my take on the important and influenial songs that happened to me on my own journey, its of course (part 1) its a easy way to say, (Oh)you didnt do this one,you didn’t do that can’t do it all in two hours. Its coming together well,Ive got a great bunch of Sydney players and singers along side of me and people I’ve know over the years..and the venue is one of my favorites,its a good size..its user friendly for punters and muso’s alike.

Question :2
So Glenn you will be doing some of the greatest songs of all time!Including Elvis Presley,Buddy Holly,The Beatles,The Eagles,The Kinks,The Beach Boys plus many many more. Have you and your band settled on the final set list?..or are waiting to see which songs gel the best?

Its my production..Ive produced it,it begins with Elvis Presley..really..and were it began for me.Then winds its way through the years,interspersed with some of my music,then ends up in the 20th century.I guess im not going as far as Kanya West..or anything like that!..Thats not my bag!..Just great song writing influences..we are playing some Van Morrison,The Beatles,Dusty Springfield..some soul music,some James Taylor,Manfred Mann,Crosby Stills & Nash,Chuck Berry..all that sort of stuff.

Question:3 Do you feel the need to pay respect to the songs..or to play faithful renditions of the selected tracks..or your own interpretations of the songs?

Answer:Many faithful renditions,I’m not trying to recreate such..but I want to the keep original spirit of the songs..I mean there are others..such as Paperback Writer by the Beatles,I covered that song a while back and added my own sort of flavour to it,but its not far away from the song itself..I’m pretty respectful of the material I’m using.

Question 4:Depending on the success of the upcoming show..The History of Rock and Roll-Part1..According to Glenn Shorrock. Do you see an opportunity to take the show further afield,around Australia perhaps?

Answer:Yeah I’d love to!..Thats part of the plan,you know to travel around the country as I have done over the years. Performing in various shows that I have put together..and hopefully this will become one of them..we will find out at Twin Towns,we will put it up as a brand new show,run it through its paces..and see how the audience react to it,and if I’ve got the stamina to still keep standing up after singing about 80 songs!

Question:5 Will the show be strictly themed..for covers of your favourite songs you have a personal connection with..or will there be room for some of your own compositions..from previous bands..such as Little River Band,Axiom and the Twilights? do have a extensive back catalogue!
Answer:Yes that’s part of the journey,they will be featured as well..I think people would be disappointed if I didn’t do some of my own material..that’s what I’m know for,but I have been a fan of rock and roll music all my life. So this a chance for me to pay homage to my heroes. You know we all began in cover bands back then..nobody when I first started(made there own compositions)I started in a vocal group to begin with,which became a recording beat group called the Twilights..It wasn’t until the Beatles came along,that any of us entertained the idea of writing our own material. Before that there was a building in New York called The Brill Building..there was the ocasional performers such as Buddy Holly,The Everly Brothers..those type of artists..and I think they started to influence the “likes”of Lennon and do the same thing..then in turn they inspired me to also start writing my own songs. So they are the pivotal people that’s for sure. Now days a lot of creative people will begin with there own compositions..and find later what they have a way. So what I’m doing is going back to what I began with,singing songs that inspired me and sent me on my way.

Question:6 Do you still have the same passion and drive to create and play music as you once did?

Answer:Well it comes in waves,but yes I do..But when I’m busy and doing a lot of shows..well I cant wait to get home and put my feet up. Then when you do take a break you then start to think of things,and its then that my mind starts to go off in all different directions. I love to sing and I can sing better than I ever have in my I’m taking advantage of that! You know there are some age related problems,you do worry about your weight and appearance,all that sort of stuff..(I don’t have many mirrors around me these days!)But I always try to keep myself fit and get plenty of sleep,although I don’t seem to need as much sleep as I once used to. But my enthusiasm for the music is still wide and healthy..its enormous really!,whenever I hear a song I like..I want to sing it and put it in my show!

Question:7 Do you have a vinyl collection?..and if yes do you have a prized record or favourite album?

Answer:Yeah my vinyl collection is still around,some of it is a bit trashed now..but I do have a pristine Beatles collection I got when I was recording for Capital Records in the U.S..I sort of pinched them from the promotions department! And also some other rarities I’ve picked up over the years. My taste in music has developed and matured over the journey..but if I want to get excited by rock and roll.. I just put Good Golly Miss Little Richard! and that gets me off!!!

Question:8 How do you feel about the resurgence of vinyl recordings these days?

Answer yeah I think there has always been a interest in nostalgia ..old cars,antiques they excite people..I love old cars myself,old paintings and old records. Its not a surprise to me that vinyl is gradually coming back again,its nice to be able to read the liner notes without a magnify glass!

Question:9 And finally Glenn,can you tell us about any new recordings you are currently working on?

Answer: Yes I’ve had a spurt of my own original creativity,I’ve recorded a few of my own tunes,with a few other original songs from working with old collegues and current collegues that I’m putting together as a new will be out in August 2016..or there about. Yeah i’m just sorting out the logistical stuff at the moment. I have completed about 8 songs at this point,and I’m pretty happy with them..You know they are interesting songs..they are not teenage songs any more,they reflect my attitude and my opinions..and some are quite grumpy and others are rather life affirming.

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TWIN TOWNS SERVICES CLUB – Saturday 9th April – or ph: 1800 014 014

GLENN SHORROCK premiering his brand new show at Twin Towns on 9th April
The History of Rock and Roll – Part 1 …according to GLENN SHORROCK

With an immensely successful career spanning over 50 years, GLENN SHORROCK is one of the elder statesmen of Australian contemporary show business.
In celebration and reflection of Glenn’s love of music and extensive career he will be premiering a brand new show at Twin Towns Services Club on Saturday 9th April.
Backed by his 10 piece band (including brass) the new show, named THE HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL – Part 1…ACCORDING TO GLENN SHORROCK will feature songs from artists that have influenced and inspired Glenn throughout his life in music such as Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Eagles, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and many more.

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  1. Joe Hoskinson on April 3, 2016

    How exciting. I hope the tour is successful and it finds its way to California!