After the release of her new single ‘Everything’s Fine’ on Valentine’s Day this year, Canadian singer/songwriter Brettyn Rose has become a YouTube sensation. Growing her passion for music at the Youth Singers of Calgary Rose is exploring her own artistry and sound while testing in the Royal Conservatory of Music. We spoke to the Okotoks singer about singing, instruments, and how to become a YouTube star.

HHB: Hi Brettyn, congratulations on your newest single ‘Everything’s Fine’. How does it feel to have new music out for people to listen to?
BR: “Everything’s Fine” fine is a song to help you remember that being who you are is Ok. It’s definitely hard sometimes to not be affected by what others think or say about you. You just have to need to believe in yourself and what you stand for and everything will be fine. As one of the lyric’s say “you have nothing to prove” there will be people who may not understand you, but that’s ok.

How did the song come about?
I have been singing since I was little, as a child my mom had me in various music programs for kids. As I got older I started piano, and that truly lead me to singing. It is now a part of my everyday; I love music, everything about it. I have my Royal Conservatory grading as well in theory, voice and piano.

How did you get into singing?
Like I said earlier piano was my first, and then 2 years ago I started the guitar. As I wanted to start writing, and you can’t always have a piano around, and love acoustic music, it seemed the best choice to make was learn the guitar. The ukulele is super popular right now and seems like a smaller version of guitar, fun to play!

You play the guitar, piano and the ukulele, very impressive; what other instruments would you like to learn to play?
Ohhh …. Good question! I think a neat instrument I would like to learn is the cello. I love the deep smooth tones. It keeps me in the string family, so hopefully some of my guitar could help.

You’re YouTube is quite successful, what is the process of making and posting a video?
Posting a video is pretty much like all other social media. Whether you shoot the video your self or hire someone to shoot the video for you. You still have a say in the look and feel you want to portray. I think that is key to anything you post; you want it to be representing you.

You do covers of popular songs on your YouTube channel, what other songs do you think you’ll cover?
I love to cover anything that moves me, but two on my list right now would be and old 60’s song, or an 80’s rock song. I listen to a lot of 80’s music (mom’s favorite).

Who are your biggest inspirations?
My biggest inspirations singer wise would be Ed Sheeran, I love his writing, and how he uses his phrases. Another inspiration to me is my music teachers, and how they can push me to be better, and challenge my voice.

What popular song today do you wish you’d written?
Another great question…. James Bay “Let it Go”. I love the lyric “I use to recognize myself. Its funny how reflections change.” It’s a powerful message that we sometimes get lost in who we are and need to refocus on what is reflecting back…good or bad. Our reflections are ever changing, within ourselves or with other relationships.

Tell us about your time with the Youth Singers of Calgary.
Youth Singers of Calgary is a wonderful organization that allows you to be around other like-minded people who love music. I truly have made a wonderful group of friends who you look forward to see every week. They are so supportive, of everyone and push us all to be better singers.

Who would you like to work with in the music industry?
I would love to work with anybody, as I feel I can learn off anybody, we all have something unique to bring to the table. Yes of coarse I do have my few favorites that would be amazing to work with. Top of my list is Ed Sheeran, and fellow Canadian Shawn Mendes.

What is next for Brettyn Rose?
Next for me is to release my album “Walking with No Shoes” which has been a journey. I have written and co-written everything on the album, and I am super excited to share with the world, and hope they love it as much as I do, or not even love but can find some sort of relatablitiy to the songs, to maybe help them on their journey.


“Stitches” Shawn Mendes

“Bright” Echosmith

“We’ll Be The Stars” Sabrina Carpenter



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