L-R Mark Gustowski, CEO QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, Adam Humphries from Virgin Australia, Rob Joseph from ANTI and Ian Mason from the Virgin StartUp Program.

Creative3 is an annual competition CEA runs to recognise Australia’s most creative startups.

ANTI is developing a beanie style helmet designed that is not only for protection but is also fashionable and comfortable. They don’t think it’s right that it’s 2018 and helmets still don’t fit many people, and that many find them so uncomfortable and cumbersome that they choose not wear one. Helmets are life saving devices. Nobody drives without seat belts, so why do people shred without helmets? ANTI believes that the answer to this lies in comfort, ease of use and fit.

As the winner, ANTI will participate in the exclusive Virgin StartUp (VSU) mini accelerator, StepUp, in London.

Following their week long intensive, the startup will travel to Copenhagen to represent Australia as part of the global initiative for creative entrepreneurship and innovation at the Global Creative Business Cup finals (CBC).

Robert Johnson, co-founder of ANTI, said:

“Being Australia’s Emerging Creative Startup for 2018 is an incredible recognition. It gives us credibility in the market. A lot of people don’t believe we make soft helmets as safe as anything else. It shows that we can actually do it and be a real company.

“It’s a fantastic recognition for all the work we’ve put in and we’re really proud to have gone against the other teams and to have gone really well in front of all these people.”

Mark Gustowski, CEO of Creative Enterprise Australia, said:

“ANTI took home the award because they have come up with a solution that solves problems for a lot of people. They have developed a beanie style helmet that is a protective, fashionable and wearable clothing.

“Initially marketed to skiers and snowboarders, it actually has applications for bikers, kids and the disabled, and it touches so many people. They won the crowd because of the impact they can have globally.”

Please let me know if you need further information or would like to speak to either Rob or Mark.

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