Perth based band Jamaica Scream has just released See It In My Eyes the follow-up to their hugely successful track Mad For You. Mad For You did very well for the band, attracting a lot of support from both commercial and community radio and numerous streaming sites. Both tracks are taken from the much-anticipated forthcoming album On The Edge, which promises to be a great collection of songs. See It In My Eyes once again sees the band fusing their rock, blues and pop influences into a vibrant contemporary style, taking some cues from classic rock and melding them to a fresh and invigorating musical mix. The new song features a driving rhythmic pulse augmented by blistering sax lines, rock and blues laced guitar work and an energetic, stirring vocal performance from lead singer and main songwriter Dom Muscadere. The production is clear yet maintains an authentic rock aesthetic. See It In My Eyes doesn’t rely on the typical verse-chorus verse-chorus looped arrangement and features a few interesting and surprising drops and detours. Mad For You was a track about the dangers of addiction, utilizing an earthy, indie-rock sound and a heart-felt, poignant, socially-focused lyric. See It In My Eyes utilises a similar sound but has more of a straight-ahead rock edge, incorporating sax into the mix. And the lyric might appear to be a mere love song but there’s more to it than that, as the opening line intones: ‘You wanna feel love, you wanna touch love but can’t you see it in my eyes?’ The lyric reflects a carefully nuanced inquiry whose resolution can only be achieved via transparency between people; a certain kind of honesty. As Dom Muscadere says about the track, ‘It’s about how easy it is to fall into the trap of over-analysing everything (including our love) in this politically correct world where really all we need to do is to stare into your lover’s eyes to see just how much love they have for you!’. See It In My Eyes is sure to repeat the success of Jamaica Scream’s previous single and is a great preview of what their forthcoming album has in store.

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