UK Author, Jill Thrussell, Appears Unstoppable; Announcing Mind-Implanting Sci-Fi Thriller

‘Mindplant’, the first volume in the intense new ‘Trimorphia’ trilogy sets the stage for an edge-of-the-seat adventure involving two complete strangers enrolling in a new program for swapping minds with other people. Of course, not everything goes to plan! It continues Thrussell’s mission to expand her bibliography as fast as possible – alongside romantic thrillers, comedies and even an upcoming screenplay.

When Jill Thrussell reflected on her prospects as she grew up in care, she couldn’t see a bright future ahead. Fast forward to adulthood and Thrussell has not only become a respected humanitarian, but also a prolific, much-loved author.

Her latest trilogy, ‘Trimorphia’ is setting a new bar for compelling science fiction. Volume one, ‘Mindplant’, is due for release in December of 2015.

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An exciting new sci-fi story that is set in a futuristic setting, Connie and Quorn two strangers decide to take a vacation in the Mindplant program a new system for implanting your mind into the body of another so you can live vicariously through someone else’s eyes for a short time. However things start to go wrong and some people minds are implanted into the wrong bodies and they become trapped in other people’s lives.

It’s been a really busy year,” explains Thrussell. “I have released ‘The Man’s Bible: Ten Rules He Won’t Forget’ (romantic comedy), ‘I’ll Meet You in Heaven’ (romantic suspense) and ‘Venus Honey Traps’ (romantic thriller) – it’s a far cry from my days growing up as a parent-less child.”

Thrussell has a busy year ahead, with the upcoming releases of ‘The Gemini Project’ (intruiging sci-fi thriller set on a holographic resort), ’The Love Machine’ (a romantic comedy about two females who visit The Love Colony, an island where a computer called Honey matches them), ‘The Rich List’ (romantic thriller involving the mobilization of four women to entice four rich bachelors with a murder plot), ‘The Enticement’ and ‘Robot: Colony 25’. ‘The Rich List’ and ‘The Enticement’ will be available to purchase on paperback by the end of November and ‘Robot: Colony 25’ is due out in paperback in February 2016.

Other titles available to purchase on Kindle by the end of august include: ‘The Woman’s Bible: Ten Lessons to Live and Love By’, ‘Maturity’, ‘St. Hannah’s’ and ‘Waiting for Heaven’.

Perhaps the biggest move in my career has been my decision to write screenplays and make my directing debut,” Thrussell adds. “I also recently launched my new production banner, ‘Uziel Productions’, which focuses on books, films and virtual reality games. Life busy, but life is good!

To view the author’s entire available bibliography, visit: http://amzn.to/1HmXmq1.

Official website: http://www.jillthrussell.co.uk

To purchase ‘Mindplant (Trimorphia)’: http://amzn.to/1SDYUYx.

Mindplant (Trimorphia) and The Enticement are available for pre order on the following websites:

I’ll Meet You in Heaven and Venus Honey Traps can also be purchased from Barnes and Noble

About the Author:
Jill Thrussell grew up in Scotland without her parents and was for most of her life in care. She spent a rough childhood questioning the world, writing, charity work and her imagination were her enjoyable outlets. Recognised talent at a young age even by her first teachers at school, with a compassion for humanity and charity work. She recently went back to writing and humanitarian work a few years ago. Her main inspirations aside from God are Dr Cornel West, Dr Maya Angelou, Antwone Fischer and Nelson Mandela.

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