Kavka is a premium vodka distilled and bottled in Poland that has recently launched in Australia.
Made using traditional production methods from the 19th Century, Kavka is reminiscent of how Polish Vodka used to taste: bold and full of personality. Adding to the uniqueness, Kavka has delicious apple and plum notes, which makes it taste smoother than most other vodkas.

The depth and versatility of Kavka Vodka makes it the perfect choice for cocktails, so to celebrate the launch in Australia, their mixologists have created a range of cocktail recipes specifically for us to enjoy as we head into the warmer months:

Kavka and Pear Cider

30ml Kavka Vodka
Can or bottle of Hills Pear Cider
Apple to garnish

Pour the vodka over ice.
Top with cider
Garnish with a thin slice of apple.

Kavka Apple Spritz

Ice Cubes
1 Part Kavka Vodka
1 Part Soda Water
1 Part Sparkling Wine
4 Slices Apple – Thinly Sliced

Fill a wine glass with ice cubes
Add Kavka Vodka, soda water, sparkling wine
Garnish with apple slices in glass.

Kavka Honey Smash
40 ml Kavka Vodka 
20 ml lemon or lime juice 
10 ml honey
Ginger Beer
Apple to garnish

Pour vodka, lemon or lime juice and honey into a tall glass with ice.
Add ginger beer and stir.
Garnish with apple slices.

Kavka Vodka is available to purchase at Dan Murphy’s and BWS nationally.
Notes to Editors: 
ABV: 40%
RRP: $65 
Tasting Notes:
Nose: Moves quickly from mellow to full-bodied fruitiness: fresh, ripe apples, rich dried fruit, then honey, with an underlying layer of fresh rye bread and grain notes adding range. Retains freshness and range.

Palate: Elegant, indulgent mouthfeel. A light richness emerges and then intensifies into a lemon freshness with orange marmalade notes. Followed by a creaminess with grain and rye bread notes. All merging into a finale of luscious, rich-dry flavour.
Finish: Rich-dry balance, with emerging fruit notes of apples and prunes. Garnished by lemons, underlined by dryness.

About Kavka Vodka:
Kavka is a classic style of polish vodka with a big, confident character. Drawing upon the long vodka-making heritage of Poland, our small distillery, in the west of the country, has been producing vodka for over 200 years. Working with master distiller Urszula Wojcik, we have gone back to production methods popular in the 18th and 19th centuries to produce a fine premium vodka with real taste, strong character and a discernible point of difference. This is vodka how it used to taste; bold and distinctive

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