“How can you have beauty without sustainability?”

With his eclectic personality, Davide Bollati, chairman of The Davines Group – a global luxury beauty company based in Parma, Italy – has a unique and multifaceted vision of beauty: “How can you have beauty without sustainability? They go well together because you cannot have one without the other.”
Tomorrow and The Butterfly is a feature-length documentary filmed in six vignettes that tells stories of sustainability, beauty and diversity around the world that converge with Bollati and his vision of business and brand ethos.

While in Parma, the viewer gets to experience the opening of the environmentally friendly Davines Village, the new company headquarters designed by starchitect, Matteo Thun.

A group of Slow Food farmers, financed by Davines and driven by Cristina Pellizzari, are trying to save an ancient species of olive tree in Tuscany from urban encroachment.

In Cambodia, Matthew Fairfax, an entrepreneur in the hairdressing world, works to save youth who are human trafficking survivors by giving them the redeeming opportunity to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

In the United States, salon owners Chelsey Pickthorn and Jocelyn Simone collaborate with indie music bands across the country to help them create their own look.

Back in Parma, Davines’ R&D lab works on a project to develop a new super-sustainable shampoo, A Single Shampoo.

A labor of love for CEO Paolo Braguzzi to raise the bar for eco-friendly shampoo, the product in development will have a very low impact on the natural environment, however the project appears to be never- ending and difficult to finalize.

Through these true stories, we find a common thread in the episodes and their characters’ independent yet collective belief that something truly beautiful and good is possible.

This is a very insightful documentary where you see some endearing stories that capture your heart and applause all the leaders and in their way of giving back to produce such an inner beauty of love to make this all possible and raise awareness. I was so taken more with the young people in Cambodia and this to me filled my heart with joy to see what was done to make a change to save the abuse of such young victims in the trade of human trafficking.

This is a project of love for sure and one that for each story there is a butterfly effect of change. Davines CEO and the team here are standouts and it sure gives out real emotional, and I wish there were more companies like this that make this possible to do what they are producing to create a difference in our currents times. The power is now and power to them.

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