CAST: Stefano Accorsi, Andrea Carpenzano, Mario Sguegli, Anita Caprioli
COMEDY / DRAMA | ITALY | 2019 | 105 MIN
Italian with English subtitles

Screenwriter/ Director Leonardo D’Agostini is well known for his work in Italian TV series but he has raised the bar on first feature as he was awarded the Silver Ribbon for Best New Director at the 2019 Nastri d’argento awards for The Champion which world-premiered at the Lecce European Film Festival.

The story centres on young superstar footballer Andrea Carpenzano which is played by Christian Ferro. He is a striker for Roma who had a common background and is now in the world of glossy professional, millionaire footballers in Italy.
A misfit of friends that now enjoy his riches, and a father that was absent when he was young is now his life and taking advance of his son lifestyle. He is reckless on and off the fields and feels he is untouchable, till a situation occurs in a public forum where he gets arrested for stealing and causing a mishap. He is dealt by his management who go heavy on him where he is sent back to school study and he has to pass a exam or he wont be able to play.

We are then meet with Valerio Fioretti played by ( Stefano Accorsi), who is enlisted to tutor the troubled player. But Christian’s world of fame and Ferraris clashes with Valerio’s humble circumstances.

The two leads here work well and as the story unfolds, you see that they both have their own denials and sorrows but they build a trusting bond that helps them deal with themselves’ that allows themselves to both grow as they teach one another to connect.

For sporting fans that love the action of the footy field, and richness of the sport this is a favourable film to go see and action shots are done well. In general it does have a wider audience as to the fact it is love story combined and shares some good humour and warmth.

Other highlights that are featured while the Lavazza Italian film festival is on which are my picks has to be THE PROMISE with Tina Arena and is selling fast. Tomorrow a New day, Michelangelo -Endless, Let me Introduce you to Sofia, and documentary The Mayor Italian Politics 4 Dummies.

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