Looking Into The Changes Currently Taking Place In Terms Of Regulation In The Casino Industry In Australia

Australia and All it Has to Offer

For either the seasoned traveller, or the novice tourist, the idea of a great place to visit can be extremely subjective. One may prefer the warmer climates, while some may enjoy the colder corners of the world. Some are more drawn to the nightlife or overall metropolitan areas, whilst some are drawn to the more natural areas a locale may have to offer. However not many will debate on the beauty and aspects of Australia.

From stunning locales, to a number of different cities which offer some of the best food and nightlife, to an extremely refined and inclusive education system all around the country, specialising in monumental areas such as Technology, Law, Business and Medicine.

Something Australia, like many other countries around the world struggles with, due to a number of questions and moral dilemmas, is gambling. The gambling scene within this country, while being extremely frivolous, is one which has recently been under fire for a number of reasons. Within this article, I will be going over most of these reasons for gambling being under fire.

Australia’s Legal Standpoint On Gambling

When it comes to different areas of our lives, there is always a law governing it, as the law does not exist within a vacuum, rather it is everywhere around us. Civil law, criminal law, international law, gaming law, all of these exist everywhere around us. When it comes to the laws which govern the areas regarding Online gambling in Australia this is a bit of a mixed bag.

Due to the best online gambling Australia being extremely expansive, with a number of games and bonuses available to any player looking to ply their trade within the gambling world, there is required to be a high degree of regulation within this area. The main governing piece of legislation in regards to gambling is the 2001 Interactive gaming act, which has seen amendments up until 2019.

The Caveat that this act brings with it, is prohibiting the provision of interactive gaming with a link to Australian citizens, meaning that essentially, providers of online games are prohibited from offering online games to citizens of Australia as most sportsbooks and online casinos had become privatised. Amendments had been made in 2017, which imposed harsher punishments on those who broke this rule, as well as a closer eye on online gambling providers.

This was not the end of crackdowns, on the contrary these continued to rear their head in regards to the Online gambling sector.

The Essence of These Crackdowns: Why Did They Happen and What Did They Entail?

To put it simply, during their enactment there had been a number of issues arising from a number of casinos simply abusing their casino licences, as well as allowing illegal business practices to ensue within their walls. It took the regulators quite a while to notice this, but when they did, crackdowns were tough. Amongst the many changes which came to be due to these crackdowns, was an increase in the maximum fine which was raised from One million Australian Dollars, to a Hundred Million.

Melbourne in particular, is also attempting to combat these illegal practices through monitoring of players to higher degree, as well as collecting certain data such as playtime and player turnover.

Closing arguments

When it comes to the different areas of our lives, regulation is important, as it makes sure that everyone is treated fairly in the eyes of the law, and these legal changes reflect that, as they essentially work to combat illegal business practices, and make sure that the law is followed to a tee.

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