Matt Stewart is a Brisbane-based artist, and he is putting his art on the line for the bush.
HE is supporting Rural Aid as it helps the farmers not only with their everyday needs, but also farmers’ mental health and more.

He’s donating a significant wack from each of his art pieces sold between now and the end of January and hopes to reach $10,000 goal. The donation metrics are as follows :

• $500 donated from each Original Painting sold. (This includes in-stock artwork as well as commission orders)
• $50 donated from each Limited Edition Art Print sold.

There is a full available range of both Original Paintings and Limited Edition Art Prints, ready for purchase at:

“Why do I want to do this? As a city-dweller, I, like most of the country, rely on our farmers for, well everything and I feel that it is sometimes a case of “out of sight – out of mind”, when it comes to their current dire situation. We expect our food to be in our local grocer, baker, butcher, and supermarket every day; however, we don’t often take the time to think of exactly who is at the starting point of its journey to us. I feel that anyone who is in a position to help should do so, and I have the ability to use my talents to sell a product that not only makes people happy and enriches their lives but also raises money for an extremely worthy cause right now,” said Matt.

Matt Stewart work is a fine contemporary artist and is based in Brisbane, Australia. Bright pops of colour, combined with detailed brush work is what you’ll find in Matt’s artworks and his use of Aerosol and Acrylic paint, see his individual style described as ‘Pop-art with a Street-art edge’.

His large scale canvas artworks have collectors in Australia, the UK, and North-America, and both his private and corporate mural productions have a waiting list of clients, eager for him to transform their space. His works have also caught the eye of many multi-national companies that have come to use his skills for specific artwork projects. Think……Disney, Cirque Du Soleil, BMW, Novotel, Mercedes-Benz, Coca Cola, and the list goes on!

He can be contacted via email : [email protected] for all commission enquiries / orders.

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