A mix of Mentalist Magician Matt Tarrant Comes to the Powerhouse for the Wonderland Festival after selling out shows and winning awards at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. You may recognize him as a contestant in the 2017 Australian Survivor.

His does a very clever card trick that matches numbers to snippets of songs, the ability to memorize the numbers sequence is difficult enough but to be able to physically match the cards to the sequence was quite astounding. There is some audience participation where he selects members of the audience by getting them to throw a stuffed toy around the room to ensure no previous selection was made.

I am not a great one for audience participation but was selected by the flying stuffed toy but it was quite painless I simply had to pick a number along with 6 other people and somehow he had previously bought a lotto ticket with those numbers. I don’t know how that could be done and I am still dumbfounded.

The magic is very entertaining but more than that he is very personable and very likable on stage, he has a real connection with the audience which is one of the hardest tricks of all.


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