From the first soothing notes of Millar Jukes’ gravelly tone the message is clear – don’t you worry about a thing you can’t change. But one thing that Jukes has changed in recent times is his musical style, with his new single ‘Don’t Worry’ a far cry (or low rumble) from 2015’s ‘Chase the Sun’ EP. The new sound is raw, horn-heavy and sure to have hips moving through dimly lit rooms in no time.

‘Don’t Worry’ is the result of a rough time for Melbourne-based Millar Jukes. ‘I was going through a break up, was made redundant from my job and then, as a result, lost my apartment. I was pretty low, but I realised that this is just part of life and you have to pick yourself up and get on with it. The whole experience made me a whole lot stronger and inspired me to not only write new music, but to also find a new sound altogether.’

The single was recorded with Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella at their EoR Studios in Victoria, while Jukes has also released a lyric video made by Alexandra Nel. ‘I just wanted something cool and simple that reflected the artwork,’ said Jukes of the video, and it’s this simplicity in the lyrics and messaging of the track itself, combined with Jukes’ soulful voice, that elicits such emotion.

Jukes has played festivals including New Year’s Evie, Ridgetown, Happy Wanderer and Leaps & Bounds, and also supported Ruby Roots, Russia and Fraser A. Gorman. With this new sound both under his belt and in his heart, there’s bound to be a whole new bunch of fans cast under his spell – you’ll find them grooving wherever there’s space at his upcoming single launch below:

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