Premier and Minister for the Arts
The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk
Keeping our commitments – putting Queenslanders first

A statement that has been released today by the Premier who is now calling the election for November.

My Government keeps its commitments to Queenslanders.

Before the 2015 election, we made 553 commitments to the people of Queensland.

We had delivered 505 – or 91.3% – of those commitments by the 27th of October this year.

Another 29 commitments are in progress and 19 were superseded.

Queenslanders can trust me to deliver what I promise, because I keep my commitments to Queenslanders.

In less than 1000 days, my Government has made a strong start repairing the damage done by Campbell Newman and Tim Nicholls.

Queensland is now a State of progress not provocation, a State of cooperation not confrontation, and a State united, not divided.

As promised, we are restoring frontline services cut by the LNP – in our hospitals, in our schools and in our communities.

As promised, we have kept our electricity assets in public ownership to ensure our electricity supplies are secure and power prices are stable.

As promised, we are working with business and industry, and so far – together – we have created 122,500 new jobs. Our unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in four years.

Queensland’s best days are ahead of us.

Exports and tourism are growing at record rates.

Agriculture, housing, construction and resource sectors are rebounding strongly.

New industries – like large-scale solar, bio-futures and advanced manufacturing – are creating new jobs for Queenslanders.

There is much more we can do together.

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