Mirusia & Michael Cristiano
“I’ll Never Find Another You”

We spoke with world-renowned singer Mirusia who has joined Michael Cristiano on recording the classic song I’ll Never Find Another You” (originally a single by The Seekers which reached No.1 in the UK in 1965 and was written by Tom Springfield – Brother of the legendary Dusty Springfield).

Mirusia hails from Brisbane and became an internationally acclaimed singer and performer with Andre Rieu starring in all of his concerts globally over the past decade. “I’ll never Find Another You” is an Australian classic which was added to the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia’s Sounds of Australia registry in 2011.

Q. How has the past the year been for you 2019?

It’s been a year of extreme variation for me. I performed my solo concerts, concerts with the Original Seekers, I released two albums, I performed with my dear friends The Wiggles and toured internationally, and starred as the lead role in a musical! So definitely an extremely varied year with lots of different styles of music!

Q. Tell us about your new single duet release that is an old classic from The Seekers “ I’ll Never Find Another You “ How did you come to pick this song? and as to Michael Cristiano singing with you?

During our tour “Mirusia and the Original Seekers” Michael and I sang this song in an acoustic and intimate setting. It was one of my favourite parts of the show because we really broke down the song and dedicated it to The Seekers – as we will never find another “The Seekers”. The Original Seekers comprises of the three boys – Keith Potger, Athol Guy and Bruce Woodley, and added as their fourth male voice, Michael Cristiano, their long time producer. Many people don’t realise that before Judith Durham joined the group, they were actually 4 boys! So the boys went back to their roots with this group “The Original Seekers” and their album “Back to our roots”. On stage Athol Guy welcomed Michael and myself into “The Seekers Family”. It is a true honour to be considered part of The Seekers family by the boys and also Judith. Unfortunately, Judith no longer performs in public, but she has been there in the background during the whole process of recording my album “A Salute to The Seekers” to the tour which is now happening end 2020-2021.

Q Where did you record it?

Michael and I recorded our single at his studio in Melbourne. It was actually a super quick recording session! Then we went out for lunch. LOL

Who designed the cover?

Ian Phillips at Ambition designed the album cover.

Are you looking at more recording this year?

We are definitely planning new recordings and hope to be able to do this as soon as we can.

2020 what has already changed for you so far as to events of corona?

My entire “Salute to The Seekers & The Classics” tour and International engagements have all been either cancelled or postponed to dates from September 2020 onwards. I was two concerts into the tour when it was brought to a sudden halt. It was extremely heartbreaking for me, because we had worked so hard with the entire team to bring these concerts to fruition. But health is so much more important, so re-scheduling the dates was of course not a problem, and my promoter Karen-Lee has worked around the clock to secure new dates. It is a hard time for those in the events and entertainment industry, as we rely on live performance and touring to support ourselves and our families. I have had many people comment that they will stream my music instead to help create an income for me, but a lot of people don’t realise that streaming music is an extremely minimal income that actually goes to the artist after commissions and fees and charges from streaming platforms. Per stream an artist receives around $0.006! The thing I am grateful for is to be able to spend time with my family at home and finally, get to do some home improvement projects that we have been planning on doing for a while. Our daughter, Sascha, turned 2 in December and she is such great entertainment too – she is a born performer and sings and makes us laugh all day. I look forward to heading out on the road again when the time is right!

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  1. Kate Allen on April 10, 2020

    Mirusia and Michael were awesome singing this at their concerts and loved every moment!! Can’t wait to see them again!!