It was a invited event and night to remember as to an exclusive fashion launch party held in one of best five star Hotels of Brisbane the “Emporium Southbank” at the very swank 21 Penthouse that has without a doubt the best views in town that the event also toped the night as it was Brisbane Riverfire!

The very stunning Lydia Bullivant was the host of hosts for the evening and as well as the very clever founder and concept creator for her fashion brand MSELLE.

The VIP guests arrived from 4.00pm with flowing Moet on arrival to enjoy the views at the Premier Private Penthouse to get into the mood for what was one of the best party events in town.

Amoung the special VIP guests of the night were Councillor Jodie Shipway, Deputy Mayor Moreton Bay Regional Council, and Councillor Cath Tonks. They were over the moon with how everything was presented and loved the fashion creative designs of Ms Bullivant. The endless banquet of food that kept coming over the course of the event, was arranged by the head cheff of the hotel, who later did the cutting of spit Pig that was done in tradional Philippine style that locked in the tender juices that melted in your mouth.

From the penthouse balcony atmosphere which gave close range to the Brisbane air shows first up FI.11s to the army helicopters, to then later with the skies being lit up with Brisbane Riverfire which was breathtaking to watch as it was like front row seats in all degrees of the city on fire!

The event unfolded to more live Entertainment, guest ballet dancer, magic shows to three amazing fashion shows which highlighted MSELLE fashion statements where the taleneted Mrs Bullivant had designed and made each garment that saw a cross factor of Cultural diversity with outstanding models that no matter what shape or size. The modles were invited and selected to be part of the event and for each garment that was worn it sure had a statement and it was colour and movement in every way with such unique styles.

As stated by MSELLE brand her team have conquered the unique concepts of embracing yourself by “Breaking stereotypes, A style for every Story”. Her mission is to construct and raise a fashion environment that will
educate, uplift, and support local and international communities by illuminating the lives of many
in the fashion industry and beyond.

There will be further announcments coming to another event to be dated on November 18th in Brisbane at the Emporium and also one of Gold Coast that again will be very limeted tickets.

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