Music News: Sheppard take on Asia with transcontinental collaboration

Having already conquered their hometown of Brisbane, and dominated the Australian market with hits like ‘Geronimo’ and ‘Coming Home’, multi award winning, multi-platinum certified outfit Sheppard set their sights on a new target, Asia!

Back in April 2020, just as Sheppard were putting the final touches on their single ‘Come Back’, almost 7,000 kms away, Taiwanese artist Sammy Chang (張語噥) was just about to send off the final mix of a secret collaboration.

Having been contacted by Sheppard earlier in the year with an invitation to create a Chinese version of ‘Somebody Like You’ for her debut record, omni-talented Taiwanese artist Sammy Chang was now putting the final touches on a special duet with George Sheppard.

This September 11th see’s Sheppard and Sammy release an English-Chinese duet version of “Somebody Like You” with Sammy’s gentle phrasing and smooth falsetto gracefully complimenting lead singer George Sheppard’s powerful and passionate voice, resonating a sense of longing and loneliness with their harmonies.

“We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a collaboration with Taiwanese artist Sammy for our March tune, ‘Somebody Like You’. The song works perfectly as a duet and it was so cool to hear it sung in a different language! The song’s themes of loneliness and heartache were amplified by the fact that we were completely segregated from one another in real life. She was in Taiwan, I was in Australia, a vast ocean between us.” Said George Sheppard.

In addition to the collaboration single, Sheppard and Sammy have also joined forces for a brand new music video. Shot on two different beaches, on two totally separate continents, the ‘Somebody Like You’ music video see’s two souls reaching out for one another from opposite ends of the earth.

“We decided to lean on that idea in the video clip, where the two of us are walking on separate beaches toward one another. It’s as though we can feel each other out there somewhere, but are both separated by a barrier that’s impossible to cross.”

Originally released in Australia in March as part of Sheppard’s 12 songs in 12 months project, the re-release of ‘Somebody Like You’ marks a brand new chapter in Sheppard’s growing story.

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