Aria-nominated and internationally regarded quintet Topology, operating successfully out of Brisbane for over two decades, will digitally release their 16th album We Will Rise, Friday June 19 at 7pm, 2020 AEST.

The 10-track concept EP, especially curated from back catalogue signature compositions, reflects Topology artists’ contemporary concerns. We Will Rise has thematic links to the existential threat of climate disruption and the need for strength, hope, fortitude and resilience in order for recovery and collective healing to commence on the back of traumatic natural events and a global viral pandemic.

Natural disasters such as bushfires, floods, cyclones, drought and other traumatic natural events are extremely challenging for those directly affected. The global outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID- 19) has drastically impacted and disrupted people’s lives and communities in varying ways. We Will Rise tracks have been individually curated by Topology to empower, inspire, support and heal individuals and communities to recover and rebuild.

We Will Rise highlights the strength and resilience of the economically hard-hit arts sector, and through this popular artform, demonstrates music’s intrinsic power to inspire and heal. The EP includes new signature work Drought Stories Texas which world premiered last month and highlights the adverse impacts of long-form drought. Sheet music for each EP track will be available for purchase online, Friday June 19 at 7pm, 2020 AEST.

Announcing the album release, Topology Creative Director, Christa Powell said, “Artists are run aground both physically and spiritually at the moment. The emotional and financial pressure is overwhelming and has meant for many, a stalling and an inability to create in this time. Artists however are resilient by nature. In times of crisis people turn to the arts to see them through the long hours stuck in isolation – books, films, music. The world needs the arts. We Will Rise is an album we have curated together. A collection of Topology originals specifically selected for this time we find ourselves in. A collection of tracks that inspire, support, heal and hopefully give some relevance to what we are all going through at the moment. Rush (Track No 6) is really quite symbolic for me. It features all the Topology musicians on the piano. Ten hands on one instrument symbolising that we are going to get through this together.”
Topology is Australia’s foremost innovator of contemporary music with an unmatched style, unique approach to collaborations, cross genre creative projects and mentorship of young composers and artists. Winning numerous awards for the Topology Education program “Top Up”, the organisation has also won the APRA Award for Excellence by an Organisation in 2008.

As ambassadors for creativity, Topology continues to excel in creating original music, connecting artists through collaboration and enriching communities and audiences through shared creative winning and very successful TOP UP education platform to TOP UP Online in order to service its isolated client base in the past months. Topology will also feature virtually next month, in Musica Viva School’s Tour, and as soon as travel restrictions are eased, Topology’s THREE national tour will Topology quickly turned the award-reignite. the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.” Even though we face Topology has a deep understanding of the importance of art in healing and recovery which is reflected in multi-media project Drought Stories which will, by completion in 2021, be a seven-chapter piece on the devastating ongoing effects of long-form drought to regional farmers and communities. Drought Stories Texas, (Track No 3) includes micro-doc interviews of Texas, Queensland farmers and their subsistence during difficult times. “
I just don’t want to be finished up by drought. If we want to finish things, we want it to be on our own terms or our children’s terms,” said Texas Farmer, Greg Finlay.

TOPOLOGY | John Babbage (Co-Artistic Director, Composer/Saxophone), Dr Robert Davidson (Co- Artistic Director, Composer/Bass), Christa Powell (Creative Director, Violin), Bernard Hoey (Viola), Therese Milanovic (Piano).
BUY ALBUM + BUY SHEET MUSIC | We Will Rise will be available from 19 June on all digital platforms. Sheet music can also be purchased at the Topology store (

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