Glorious Machine

Melbourne based rock outfit Shotgun Mistress has just released the follow-up to their hugely successful track Save Me From Myself (No1. on the iTunes Australian Rock Charts, Top 40 overall chart), which exposed the new band to a wider audience with some massive attention on streaming platforms and radio networks across Australia.

The new track Glorious Machine, which is taken from their forthcoming album, expands the band’s style while maintaining its hard rock edge. The song starts with an intense guitar riff, which not only reveals the band’s high level of musical expertise, a line-up that features Matt Wilcock, who appears on the list of the 100 greatest metal guitarists of all time but sets the pace for the rhythmic feel. The song continues at a blistering speed, introducing the verse, with Glenn Patrick’s compelling vocal soaring over the top. When the chorus hits you know it. It’s big, bold and instantly memorable, utilising chants and a simple yet hypnotic melody to establish the lyric.

The surprise here is the slight change in style but as the band explains, ‘As clichéd as it may sound, musically we tend to follow the tried and tested verse chorus sorta formula, not always of course, there’s a few twists and turns here and there’. Shotgun Mistress’ new track has all of the band’s core elements they’re slowly being recognised for, a style that reflects their no holds barred live show and focused engagement with their fans. Glorious Machine’s lyric reveals a self-reflectivity and the ability to venture beyond the standard tropes of rock towards something universal and ultimately more engaging. As the band says about their creative process, ‘Musicians make music that they enjoy, songs that they like, we don’t put in the work for any rewards other than the personal satisfaction of creating something that we enjoy. Anything further that an artist receives is a bonus, we’ll just go with the creative flow and see what happens’. Glorious Machine is sure to help Shotgun Mistress widen their appeal and raise their profile, catapulting them to the next level of rock notoriety.

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