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Don’t Push The Button

Sit Down in Front has released their new single Don’t Push the Button with wheelchair front man Cory Newman. Based in Gisborne, New Zealand, the young punk band’s highly anticipated new single is an invigorating, super-charged piece of contemporary punk rock. It’s also a commentary on our challenging, strange times, an in-your-face example of spirited rock which takes cues from classic punk and pub rock. After experiencing huge success with their breakout single Rain, Sit Down in Front have emerged primed and ripe to take on the derelict political powers that threaten world peace. The new single was a favourite with their fans on the band’s recent Who Ate All the Pie’s New Zealand album tour.

Don’t Push the Button confirms these high school students’ artistic adventurousness, audacious presence, and sheer unadulterated punk prowess. Don’t Push the Button is an unrelenting, irresistibly cathartic musical experience not to be missed. As Cory Newman says about the inspiration behind the new track, ‘It’s a song that mocks Donald Trump and highlights his juvenile antics in the oval office. I was travelling in America with my family when I saw Donald and Kim Jong Un squaring off about who has the bigger ‘button’ so I thought it would be a good basis for a song, that had the added bonus of mocking what a poor leader Trump has been. It’s a plea for him to stop inflaming things with his ill-thought-out rhetoric around nuclear war and to get a conscience.’ Newman’s voice is like an amalgamation of Jimmy Barnes, Johnny Rotten and Joey Ramone, and Sit Down In Front has blended all the exciting punk elements-the fiery vocals, the breakneck speed energy, and the less-is-more style-and wedded them to a timely and humour-tinged lyric. Don’t Push The Button is well worth checking out.

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