Last year New Zealand based music artist Emme Lentino released her pop-rock version of the George Michael song Last Christmas to a rapturous response all round. It was featured on MTV Australia, the Philadelphia News Channel 17, CTV Calgary (National News in Canada), Global News (National News, Canada), and received airplay on commercial radio worldwide and consumer outlets including Bed, Bath and Beyond. Oceanside was recorded utilising Zoom and many other technological tools, which enabled Emme and her team to work virtually during the pandemic. The new track was co-written with Greg Cortez (The Kooks, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kim Deal, George Clinton, and L.A. Guns), produced by Greg Cortez and Dan Antunovich (Jersey Boys, Kitaro), and mastered by Joe Bozzi (U2, Outkast, Fleetwood Mac’s, Miley Cyrus, Van Halen, Gwen Stefani, Imagine Dragons, Selena Gomez, Faith Hill, Ellie Goulding, Carly Rae Jepsen).

The record highlights this American born New Zealand music artist’s exemplary vocal abilities and her talent for writing heartfelt songs that perfectly balance elements of pop, contemporary country, and chilled-out soul. Oceanside introduces us to a new side of Emme Lentino’s array of creative powers, with its undeniable chorus hook and smooth, laid-back groove. It’s a sound and melodic structure that perhaps contains more pop than country, but it’s a track that evolves into a hook-laden plethora of musical delights. After kicking off with the chorus elements, the song evolves into a sophisticated and highly nuanced example of accessible mainstream country-pop. The singer-songwriter, musician, and actress, has gone from strength to strength with every release, continuing to reaffirm her global presence and a loyal, burgeoning fan base.

Just as Emme’s version of Last Christmas took the iconic song to surprising places, utilising a mix of styles including country, pop, and touches of rock, Oceanside does a similar stylistic thing. It covers many bases and has every chance of being a worldwide smash.

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