Naked Attraction A New Dating Show To Air

Naked Attraction, hosted by Anna Richardson, is a dating show like no other. The show starts the way some good dates end…. with the contestants completely naked. This bold new experiment strips away the layers in order to examine whether or not we can rely on our primal instincts to find a suitable partner. Naked Attraction premieres Wednesday June 7th at 9.15pm, only on Spike, Fetch TV CH 112.

Each episode sees one man and one woman pick from a line-up of potential dates – all of whom are naked, with only their bodies giving clues to their personality and lifestyles. Across a number of rounds, the suitor will reject those they don’t find physically attractive but not before explaining why. Only two people will make the final round, where the suitor themselves must bear all before making a final selection. The question is, when stripping back to basics, what do men and women really look for in a mate?

Whilst we are socially conditioned not to judge people on their looks, could reversing the dating process and judging someone purely on their naked form actually offer us the best chance of finding a suitable mate? Tune into Naked Attraction to find out!

Naked Attraction premiers Wednesday June 7th at 9.15pm, only on Spike

Naked Attraction presented by Anna Richardson

Naked Attraction presented by Anna Richardson

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