Natalie Savvides’ uplifting diary-style memoir “Full Circle”

Full Circle

Uplifting diary-style memoir pits daily struggles of modern women against eternal search for love…

Passionately written from the life and heart of Natalie Savvides, ‘Full Circle’ takes excerpts from the author’s diary spanning from early teens to late thirties, as she comes of age and attempts to find love and her true self in a world rife with adversity. Raw, frank and sharply honest, Natalie’s bold wisdom proves that anyone can find happiness in the most unlikely of places. One critic has already hailed the book

“Well written, fun and frivolous. Bridget Jones with laxatives!”

United Kingdom – Her entire life, Natalie Savvides had been searching for that elusive true love and harmony that everyone craves to ‘make their life complete’. Growing up in North London, bullying, an eating disorder, binge drinking and other afflictions of youth spiralled her into a vicious circle of the wrong men and unfulfilled encounters.

In her late thirties, Natalie eventually found what she was looking for in the most unexpected of places, but only after embarking on a journey that forced her to cut to the core of who she really was. Natalie is now releasing her diaries to the world so others can learn from her experience.

‘Full Circle’ is 100% real; constructed by the author between the ages of thirteen and thirty-seven.


We join Natalie on her mission to find true love and harmony. She allows us to read her diaries as she tells how her life unfolds, giving a unique insight into her enjoyable but mostly unfulfilling encounters with men – and all that life throws at her. Will she find what she’s looking for? Natalie holds many things dear: family, friends, Italy, parties, Tarot, and God. But what she wants most is a lasting, meaningful, loving relationship. Despite her difficulty in finding “the one” she does get to know herself better, and lets us watch and learn from her experiences. She asks many questions of herself, and encourages us to do the same, helping us realise that we all take similar journeys of self-discovery – and that this is normal and necessary. “Each relationship we have changes us in some way and some have the power to change us forever…”

“Our world is becoming increasingly competitive, making that eternal search for love and ourselves harder and harder to tap into and conquer,” explains Savvides. “This book provides an intimate look at my life down this path, along with a dramatic yet incredibly-real expose’ of the tribulations many young women face in their quest to simply be happy. Believe me, I learned more about life, myself and God than I ever thought possible.”

Continuing, “In an uninhibited fashion, I recount the excessive life I led, the good/bad men and friends I let into my life, my travels and much more. It showcases the juxtaposition between my outward appearances of being confident and wild, against the inner torment I was experiencing while trying to figure out who I was on a very basic level. Ultimately, my story will renew hope in finding love for all women, especially when they feel it has been lost forever.”

Readers have come out in force with five-star reviews. A. Hulme comments, “Loved reading this. A very honest journey about the ups and downs of relationships and the associated inner turmoil that most women will identify with. Look forward to a second book from this author!”

Elizabeth L. Jacobs adds, “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and read it within a few days. I found that some of the things experienced by the author resonated very much with me and I could not put my kindle down for very long before needing to return to it to find out how the book would end. The story told is also interspersed with some lovely thought provoking quotes.

Would definitely read more from this author”

Jessica Herstmonceux wrote, “I smiled, empathised, grimaced and cried. I’ve even made my boyfriend read it so that he understands me more! I too shall be recommending this, especially to the females (of all ages), in my life.”

‘Full Circle’, from Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie, is available now:

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About the Author:

Having spent a lot of time searching for love, adventure and excitement, as well as for herself, Natalie Savvides eventually found happiness in the least expected place. Natalie believes destiny played a big part in bringing her to where she is now and feels that her years of diary keeping simply prove it.

After many years of writing a diary, she finally decided it was important to let people “in” on her journey so they too could change their own lives for the better.

The author lives in South West London with her husband and two children.

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