New book begs question: are pop-stars and actors we believe dead, living on a secret island?

Robert Beedham wrote his unique pop-culture book after discovering an incredible transcription of a film interview in a derelict New York lawyer’s office made by a legal secretary. The story’s about a sex-mad, accidentally funny young man discovering the truth about his astonishing identity. Readers climb on a roller-coaster from the secret island to New York where the man searches for clues to his past, hunted by a killer couple. Could the young man’s claims be true: The Island is home to Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and more? Imagine…

After being astonished by the transcription, Beedham undertook years of research that led him deep into pop-culture and the cult phenomenon of ‘The 27 Club’: a long list of super-star celebrities that suddenly ‘died’ aged 27, including Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and more. The discovery of ‘The 27 Club’ and the transcription, together with other allegedly dead celebrities, led Beedham to create the world’s first ‘found bookage,’ a genuine page-turner that any young person, adult, or pop culture fan, will be amazed by.

But, could it be true? ‘Imagine’ will make all readers wish it is true: a secret island refuge for some of history’s most prominent ‘dead’ celebrities, and not just aged 27. But, paradise comes at a cost…

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Young hipster Jimmy has an identity crisis and escapes his secret island idyll to New York in search of his mysterious great grand-father’s past. He’s baffled by NY and pursued by The Hunters, but after defeating them, discovers the incredible truth: The Island is a dystopian society full of celebrities thought dead, and his great grandfather is…James Dean.

Sex-obsessed, accidentally amusing air-head Jimmy videos his story in a NY lawyer’s office. He wants to discover his enigmatic ancestor’s identity, and ultimately his own. His tale is strange, and riveting.

He fled The Island with girl-friend Marsha and three friends, but doesn’t know where it is, or why his great grandfather went there. He’s way out of his depth, and astonished to hear music from The Island in bars and diners, then realises his life is in danger from ruthless assassins.

The Hunters, a glamorous couple, want to kill him and his friends. Jimmy doesn’t know why, but finds he’s resourceful, and leads his friends to safety.

They discover the bizarre underbelly of city life, but that the killers can find them, because Jimmy has been chipped. The group are picked off one by one, then Jayne, owner of a music bar, helps. Telling her what little they know about The Island, The Hunters appear, kill one of the teens and Jayne, forcing the survivors to flee.

Jimmy finds The Actors Studio where his great grandfather trained, but it has no meaning. He then discovers that Jayne is alive and visits her in hospital. She realises who Jimmy might be. But before she can explain, The Hunters appear and chase Jimmy, Marsha and Andy, the last survivors. They’re all alone in an alien city. But, Jimmy has one last, insane idea. Lure the only people who know the truth to them: The Hunters.

At Jayne’s bar, The Hunters move in. Suddenly, Jayne appears, begging customers to protect Jimmy, because he’s…James Dean’s great grandson. The crowd laugh hysterically as The Hunters close in, and Jimmy defeats one. Then, Jimmy’s great grandfather appears, confirming Jayne’s story. He, is James Dean. The mob don’t believe it. Great granddad explains. Celebrity is Hell, but how can you escape it?

The Island. Musicians, actors, Presidents, Princesses and more live there, to escape the pressure of fame. The crowd mock, until Marsha plays guitar, like father Jimi Hendrix taught her. They win the crowd, the customers freaking out.

Until great granddad humiliates them for falling for such a ludicrous story! The mob turn violent, attacking Jimmy and Marsha, but they escape.

Outside, the old man explains he had to save Jimmy. But Jimmy tells the old man what he kept quiet about. The story isn’t ludicrous. The old man lied. The Island is real, the famous escaping there to live in secret with their own kind. No one can ever leave. If any try to escape, they “disappear” to protect the secret. Or, if they’re invited, and turn it down, they disappear. And also unknown to the old man and all the celebrities, a body double takes their place, a funeral faked, all sanctioned by the unknown Founders.

The old man is surprised, but has another surprise of his own. The Founder invented “The 27 Club” myth as many celebrities happened to be 27 when they arrived. And, he finances films, documentaries, books and press articles to shroud “The 27 Club” in conspiracy theory, helping keep The Island secret.

Jimmy knows who he is now, but won’t return to The Island as he wants to search for the truth about his parents, and grandparents. Great granddad leaves, proud the boy found his identity, strength, the whole truth, and a new quest. Next day, Jimmy films his interview in the lawyer’s office, but before embarking on his mission to search for the truth about his parents, he joins Marsha and Andy who travel to Seattle, home to Marsha’s grandfather Jimi Hendrix and Andy’s dad, Kurt Cobain, both living on The Island.

‘This is the first in a trilogy, shedding light on fame and the celebrities who wanted to escape the entertainment world for whatever reason’ explains Beedham, an award-winning writer and pop-culture fan. ‘Readers will follow the teenage relatives of icons like Kurt Cobain, Hendrix, Steve McQueen and James Dean, and other world famous figures outside the entertainment industry: Princesses, Presidents and more.’

Continuing, ‘It’s the perfect year to release this book: James Dean died 60 years ago, Jimmy Hendrix 45 years ago, John Lennon 35 years ago and it’s 10 years since Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers disappeared. The book contains references to all of these and many more – with plenty of hidden clues, rhythms and themes for readers to uncover as the amazing adventure unfolds.’

‘Imagine’ is due for release on 23rd July 2015: the fourth anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death.

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About the Author:

Robert Beedham was born in cosmopolitan Glasgow, Scotland, and has won many awards across several creative disciplines, including a Gold at ‘The World’s Best TV & Film Awards’ 2015, held in Las Vegas.

He trained in some of the UK’s top 20 London advertising agencies, returning home to found The Beedham Agency, at the time Scotland’s fastest-growing and multiple award-winning ad agency.

A massive fan of music, books, film and television, he is heavily influenced by pop culture from the Sixties to today.

Robert also co-wrote, produced and acted in eight short films, wrote, produced and directed one, wrote/co-produced feature film ‘Birthday’ and wrote/co-produced 18 documentaries, winning four global awards, including Gold for ‘Written by Mrs Bach’ at the ‘World’s Best TV & Film Awards’ in New York

Robert’s passion is writing and film-making. His interests include travel, reading, fine wine, dining, sports cars, fashion and stimulating conversation, especially with dear friends, family and his three beloved daughters.

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