Mikey James is a Brisbane based entertainer who has a mission right now in raising production funds to create and co host in a brand new variety talk show which will take entertainment to a whole new level called Spilt Milk! Talking on the show Mikey James feels quiet a excited for the fact that this could happen in Queensland, we lack TV shows here and there is a need for variety show and my concept come about last year, I feel Spilt milk can change and boost Australian TV, to engage people with a program that excites them within so much they want to sit down and watch/interact not head online and watch YouTube.
Last year we put together a taped version in Brisbane with a audience at a nightclub venue and we got a great reaction to the show and had special guest Sophie Kasaei and Taylor Glockner and we did little promotion and we around 20,000 hits on the tube now.

The taping for the Gold Coast Spilt Milk would be October 1st to the 5th. We have invited some very cool international guests that will join us on stage and in line will be Jessa Hinton who is from Playboy, Baywatch, 7th Heaven, who will co host the show with Mikey to add some glam and fun. Jess who has been in the entertainment business for years is very excited to be part of this segment, and we told she be in charge of the MilK Bar that will be part of the stage set up, where she will be whipping up some not so standard milk shakes for guests on the show!
Other Guest will be OK! TV, The Talk, Chippendales James Vaughn Beverly Hills Housewife Brandy Clemvele .
Spilt Milk is a 30min variety talk show set in front of a live studio audience, the show is truly stepping out of the box with not only content but the new format we have created.
Mikey James says that each show consists of segments and games that are tailor made to the guests on the show; however you will see some segments stick around for each episode for example our “Spilt Milk Challenge”. This means each episode is completely different leaving viewers tuning in each week to find out what we have installed not only for our guests but our live audience as well.
Spilt Milk is targeting all ages over 18 plus audience. Foxtell and Networks have expressed there interest in this type of show and it has great appeal to be done on the Gold Coast with local business and tourism aspects would welcome this very much. With the taping of the show in October it can have a reach of 3 Million globally with all the invited guests to be part of the show.
The QLD film and TV network Events have invited Mikey to come and share a bit more on the show at there next event Tuesday night at East Broadbeach 8th September and speak more to the industry folks and guests and do have a bit of fun too. For anyone that is interested in knowing more of the show and are keen at looking to getting behind this and help fund the the project please contact 0409451180 Caroline Russo or Michael O’Neill 0468815709.

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