Chilling Gothic Horror Novel Drags Gifted Girl Back into the Occult. It’s Intense!

Masterfully crafted by J.M. Shorney, ‘Night of All Evil’ is gothic, dark and certainly not for the faint of heart. Readers will find themselves embroiled in the saga of a gifted woman who, while she has now turned her back on the occult, has to use every ounce of her power to avoid getting dragged back in. Heroine Freya Monroe knows when someone is scheduled to die, and she can tell if someone has killed just by shaking their hand……

While horror has long been a bestseller among fans of literature, it is rarely twisted up with the bold and beautiful world of the gothic. In her powerful new novel, J.M. Shorney fuses all into a cocktail of the occult that will leave readers’ hearts beating faster than they knew possible.

It all comes to light in ‘Night of All Evil’. Be warned; dark spirits never die, and can drag back their former followers without notice…



Freya Monroe used to be part of a circle that engaged in the occult, but has turned her back on it. However the circle are determined to bring her back into the fold, to use her powers for their means, including resurrecting their leader from the dead. The group will stop at nothing to achieve their aims and Freya must call on all her resources to resist the power of evil. But will it be enough?

A tense tale of gothic horror – not for the faint-hearted.

“Freya really is the most amazing character, able to tell someone’s scheduled death date, as well as if they have killed anyone themselves,” explains the author. “There’s also a witch who can’t die, but will still grow old. This means she decomposes as she lives – for the whole world to see. This book isn’t for those who scare easily, and is sure to keep the light on well into the night!”

Continuing, “While most of the narrative is of course far removed from daily life, there are many elements that cross over with reality. For example, one of the characters served in Afghanistan and has since written numerous novels dealing with events such as the fall of the World Trade Centres in New York. In all, readers will be left questioning what is real and what is fiction; it’s powerful stuff.”

With the book’s popularity expected to increase. Interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

Night of All Evil’, from UK Book Publishing, is available now:

About the Author:

J.M. Shorney lives in Thatcham, in the heart of the Berkshire downs. She has two sons and a granddaughter.

A writer for many years, Shorney has a passion for conducting deep research for each of her narratives, and has a soft spot for anything Irish!

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