UK Author, Noel Hodson, Presents Chilling Vision of Despondent Future World – in Two Gripping Novels

‘Out of the Depths’ and ‘AD 2516’ both throw readers into a future world that has been ravaged, destroyed and dragged into an endless pit of despair by global warming. While both fiction, Hodson’s thought-provoking narratives are heavily based on reality, and could provide a chilling prophecy into what’s to come.

While there’s no shortage of novels depicting how humanity’s ignorance of global warming could play out, most are based on nothing by pure fantasy. However, British author Noel Hodson is now stepping in to bring the genre a much-needed dose of realism, with two new releases heavily steeped in fact.

‘Out of the Depths’ and ‘AD 2516’ both showcase life after ecological and societal disaster, with humans having nobody but themselves to blame for the plight they now endure – even though 80% of them are already dead.

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‘Out of the Depths’ – OUT OF THE DEPTHS – Is an “unputtabledownable” fact based drama, set in the Thames London estuary as global warming floods the coastal margins and billions of people worldwide grudgingly migrate to higher ground. What happens to London also occurs in New York and all coastal settlements. The destruction of transport routes disrupts food supplies and the measures for containment of pandemics. Avian flu’ H5N1 kills 80% of the human race. The heroine, Alice, survives by secretly dwelling on the upper floors in Harrods, surrounded by deep, dangerous and filthy water, to eventually emerge and join other survivors, including the politically ambitious, self-appointed Dean of London University and ruthless agents of once aristocratic land owners. Alice, supported by a nuclear submarine captain, James Cruikshank, opposes “politics and power as usual”, and is murdered for spreading radical and seditious ideas. An overt battle for who will rule Britain commences. The book ends with the compass pointing to the brave new world which will result. Throughout, quotes from the scientific literature and tales from Londoners’ lives paint an accurate picture – if a little accelerated – of what global warming will bring us.

‘AD 2516’ – Entered for The Whitbread First Novel Prize and reviewed by Brian Aldiss in The Times & The Guardian, who dubbed the author “That distinguished futurist”. AD2516 depicts a Utopian world of eleven billion souls, re-born after the 2012 floods and pandemics in Noel Hodson’s first tale, OUT OF THE DEPTHS. It is a good read – amusing and on many levels – that predicts what life will be like in the interconnected communities relying on quantum computing or The Q Field. The future science, economics and societies are all realistically based in today’s achievements. It offers hope and a great life, in a world that has rebuilt New York and functions without money, where people live for 180 years. Engaging and intriguing, it lasts just about as long as a transatlantic flight.

“These novels serve a dual purpose, as both an entertaining read and a warning for a scary possibility that could soon become reality,” explains Hodson, whose work has been nominated for the prestigious Whitbread Prize. “Both have very different messages. ‘Out of the Depths’ focuses on the human realities of global warming disaster, and how people turn against themselves and each other to control a new world that has no power.”

Continuing, “On the other end of the scale, ‘AD 2516’ is much more of a sci-fi adventure, looking at new-world technologies that counteract global warming’s effects, as well as the dissolving of many current-world normalities, such as money. Both volumes will leave readers with plenty to think about.”

‘Out of the Depths’ and ‘AD 2516’ are available now:
‘Out of the Depths’ –
‘AD 2516’ –

About the Author:
Noel Hodson has enjoyed a varied professional life, managing firms and writing manuals for accountants, businesses, car makers, on economics, for teleworkers & employers, on “Green” freight transport and for his hobby, physics. Recently he has written novels; currently with two more works-in-progress. Noel lives in Oxford, England, with his wife, a psychotherapist; they have just celebrated their first Golden Wedding and embarked on the second, which, like the citizens in AD2516 they expect to be around to celebrate.

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