One To One with Coffee Specialist Ryd Jeavons

It was with coffee in hand made by coffee guru Ryd Jeavons, in Brisbane from his head office in Arana Hills where Ryd does lot of Coffee business and we got to hear a lot of very intersting facts of coffee history with concerns there might be a shortage in years to come.

In our interview we hear and see a lot more on why Coffee is the new Superfood for our Health, as research links coffee consumption to also a decrease in mental illness.

Ryd Jeavons is convinced the drink, that many Australians and worldwide make part of their daily routine, is a superfood that is delivering unbelievable results.
Ryd states “Coffee has become a tradition, a way of life, especially in Australia and other western countries, yet few know of the health benefits that laboratories are discovering through coffee research.”

A recent study by Harvard University concluded that having just two coffees a day can dramatically reduce suicides in men and women up to 50%.

Lead researcher, Michael Lucas, found that, for both men and women, those who took in 400mg of the stimulant a day – the equivalent of two to three cups of coffee – were, statistically, 50 per cent less likely to commit suicide.

Ryd explains that “Coffee stimulates other neurotransmitters such as serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine in our brains giving us the warm and happy fuzziness we wake up to each morning. It also gives us a short memory boost which has been now linked to helping with brain functions that affect Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Studies since 2007 have produced a strong argument that regular coffee consumption could reduce Alzheimers up to 65% in adults as well as reducing the risk of Dementia Parkinson’s Disease.

Coffee has earned the superfood label due to the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, tannins, acids and antioxidants present in each bean.

Ryd explains that “a single coffee bean is not made up of just caffeine. It’s my biggest bugbear. Ask anyone what makes up a coffee bean and they’ll likely say caffeine. Ask them what else and you might just get crickets. The fact is that caffeine only makes up a staggering 2-4%”

Since commencing his online coffee business several years ago, Ryd discovered a lack of education about coffee and its benefits. The CEO (chief espresso officer) of Coffee Beans Delivered now spends time helping people understand more about coffee and its benefits through a series of popular videos and blogs, earning him the title as the Coffee Coach who could be a great ambassador as we discoverd in meeting up with his own personal brew of IlCaramello is divine with flavours of apricot, malt,caramel coffee and toffee!

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