Opening Night of Cine Latino at Palace Centro

Writer Director Alfonso Cuaron
Starring Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Diego Cortina Autrey

Set in mexico in the 1970s Roma is the most personal Project by this Academy Award winning Director Writer( Gravity)

Roma follows Cleo the housemaid working for a middle-class family of Roma In Mexico. Roma paints its picture in Black and white film but with many hues of grey. The movie begins by showing water on tiles that flow and ebb like time itself to reveal a young domestic worker cleaning down the tiles and then follows her busy life caring for the large family .As you get familiar with the relationships the whole context changes and things start to fall apart.

Cleo gets herself into trouble and the family she works for starts to fall apart around her just like Mexico a the time with rioting and killing in the streets.

Set in a time of political upheaval the personal tragedies are so heart felt and on occasion quite disturbing and unsettling . In the end this movie is hopeful and uplifting and shows the resilience of women in difficult situations.

Wonderful on so many levels this is one of those few masterpieces that is a must see, bursting with heart.


Review Mirre Jennings

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