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We invite all film creatives to enter who have a project that is in development or ideal for film or TV to Pitch to a expert panel. We invite entries with the conditions that if picked we require that each pitcher who is successful will pay $30 and then bring along 5 or more paying guests to the Industry night in order to support this event that will benefit all who are keen to learn more on the night of Pitching and meet other fellow filmmakers.

Our venue partners are the Dendy Portside Cinema group who are expanding in Brisbane and we are excited to be at their venue.

The very successful and International screenwriter Shanye Armstrong will be on the jury to hear the selected pitches along with production company EP from Hoodlum and yet to be secured another panel guest that will be announced shortly.

Each pitcher will have 5 mins to pitch their ideal to be followed by a critic by the team. This will be a quick process but this is what Pitch is and need to get it pitch perfect. This is a great op for any creatives that wants to have a chance to pitch and then to be selected for a one to one consultation with screen writer Shayne Armstrong on your pitch project and to receive a certificate from Screen Industry Events and who knows what else can come about.


When November 1st 6.00pm socials and networking

7.00pm start to 9.00pm cinema and networking afterwards in foyer or TBA supper network.

For all inquires please call 0409451180 or [email protected]

Other exciting announcements will follow on the night

Pitch Entry Cost $30 with 5 guests to bring along

General Admission $20.00 pay direct to SUNCORP BSB -484-799 AC 082105545 PLACE PITCH

Cash door entry $25.00

Pitch night Comp Entry.

Welcome to Pitch Comp a incentive that is being presented by Caroline Russo for Screen Industry Events. Pitching can be hard and requires practice to get to pitch perfect. This is an evening that we shall welcome story tellers to pitch in front a great panel of experts. There will be a limited number to be presented on the night and each pitcher will have 5 mins to present their pitch project to a panel. This is a verbal pitch with no vision required. Once the pitch has been done, you will be given a quick critic by the panel that will be screen writer Shayne Armstrong, Screen Qld representative, and EP from Hoodlum Productions.

The winner on the night will be selected and shall receive a consultation with International screenwriter Shayne Armstrong, and a certificate that will be addressed to the winner as to their achievement on the night to pitch at Screen Industry Events, plus a goodie bag from Hush Hush Biz.
For each entry on the night each pitcher will receive a DVD gift.

How to apply.

To enter please fill in the questions below and send and forward info to [email protected]
If you have any questions contact is 0409451180 . You will be notified if you are selected for November 1st to pitch at the Dendy Cinema Portside.


Have you had any experience in the film industry in writing or other industries?

Pitch subject that will be presented?

Is this for TV /FILM or documentary style concept to pitch.

A one pager or treatment of the subject that will be pitched.

Have you pitched before and where?


Company Name if applicable



Date of Birth

Pitch Entry Cost $30 with 5 guests to bring along

General Admission $20.00 pay direct to SUNCORP BSB -484-799 AC 082105545 PLACE PITCH

Cash door entry $25.00

Please note that each pitcher must submit payment of $30.00 to pitch and is non refundable once paid after they have been selected. The conditions also apply that you agree to have a support guest list of 5 at least that shall secure payment before November 1st. This is to help cover costs for the evening.
Entrees are welcomed now and we shall look at closing off on 25th October or till all is filled up so be quick to enter now and don’t miss out on a great op.

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