The North American Official Premiere of the film «Kaddish» directed by Russian Filmmaker Konstantin Fam took place at the prestigious and historical SABAN Theatre, in Beverly Hills.

The screening was a part of the promotional campaign – a film produced jointly by Russia and Belarus was a candidate for 2 Academy Awards: for Best Song («Lullaby» by Russian Singer Lina Milovich) and Best Music (Composer Egor Romanenko).

The magical evening started with Legendary Bolshoi first violinist, Daniel Shindarov, playing live with his 1740′ Guarneri Del Gesu’, iconic Italian Violin, equal to Stradivarius, and valued 38 million US Dollars.

The Director of the film Konstantin Fam, the President of The Golden Globes Awards Lorenzo Soria and Senior Director of Operations of SHAH FOUNDATION Kori Street addressed a welcoming speech and presented the film.

The Italian composer, member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Carlo Siliotto: «The main song of this movie “The Lullaby” actually blew my mind! I really loved it and as a Member of the Academy Music Branch I did what I had to do for it. Unfortunately the song didn’t make it in the shortlist, but this happens, even to outstanding pieces of art».

Senior Director of Program and Operations of SHOAH FOUNDATION Kori Street: «This is a marvelous movie, you’re going to be amazed by. It’s even more powerful given the geographic focus, as we know so little about the experience of the Holocaust in Russia and the former Soviet Union.“Kaddish” tells such a marvelous story weaving almost miracly this dark past with our present and connecting that to the young people and our lives today. I come from a foundation where we know the power of a film on the Holocaust can have in encountering the identity-based hatred. I hope this film joins others in making that kind of change. We are very proud to be an educational partner with Konstantin and his film “Shoes” and we look forward to how we can use “Kaddish” in our education programs as well».
The President of The Golden Globes Awards Lorenzo Soria: «Kaddish is a historical drama about Holocaust and some people may say “Oh no, again? A Holocaust story?”. Unfortunately, we live in times in which the Holocaust and antisemitism are still around us, and it’s important to have awareness of what is going on everyday, including in this country, and that is why this film is important. I believe it’s crucial to keep doing films with a meaning, films about our history, hoping that we would learn something and that we will not repeat the same mistakes and then it will be a better world for our kids».
Israel’s Consul General in Los Angeles and the south-western USA Hillel Newman noted the film’s importance in the context of rising antisemitism and the recent vandalism at a synagogue in Beverly Hills: «This film is just another prime example of the contribution of Russian Community and Culture to the global scene. One word about the importance of this movie. Antisemitism. Although it’s been 80 years since the Holocaust, antisemitism is only on the rise».
«Kaddish» tells about the fate of the violin, which went through all the horrors of the war, as well as how the will of a former prisoner of a concentration camp clashes and turns the lives of two young people, shedding light on the tragic history of their family.

The film features the original music of the composer Egor Romanenko, recorded from a live orchestra under the direction of conductor Sergey Skripka at the Mosfilm historical studio, the oldest film and recording studio in Moscow. The main soundtrack of the film was performed by Russian singer Lina Milovich, the author of the text is Velvl Chernin.

Composer Egor Romanenko: «It is important for me to be a member of a large Holocaust remembrance project. I am grateful to the entire international team that took part in the filming and post-production. Music plays an essential role in this picture, and I was happy to work with such a professional people. I believe, that the success of the film’s music is largely due to Lina Milovich and Lenn Kudrjawizki».
Konstantin Fam is the First Russian Filmmaker facing the topic of the Holocaust, therefore of majestic International importance.

The Director Konstantin Fam: «My father is Vietnamese and my mother is Jewish. When I began to study the history of my family, I immediately found my father’s roots, but I’m still looking for my mother’s. Even when I did the genetic analysis, most of the matches were in the US and Israel. I believe these people escaped before the Holocaust. So I began to delve into the topic and visited the memorial “Auschwitz”. This is the strongest emotional experience comparable to the birth of a child or the death of a loved one, I felt there. I came to understand that the whole history of our family – deprivation, poverty, lack of relatives – is part of the global history, the common tragedy of the people. The film “Kaddish” is already a completely meaningful work, in which the main character tries to regain himself through the search for his roots».
The film was created with the support of the Ministry of Сulture of the Russian Federation, The Federation of Jewish Сommunities of Russia, The Russian Jewish Congress, The Jewish Сommunity of Odessa, as well as with the personal support of Roman Abramovich and Boris Mints.

The American Premiere is Officially under the Auspices of The SHOAH FOUNDATION.

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