QA …With Catherine Plano Motivation Teacher.

Catherine Plano who is the Queen of Transformation, a Creative Soul Adventurer, A Theorist and a Provocateur of Change who helps people to find their purpose and passion!

Catherine is known in her community as an innovative leader and creative entrepreneur who specialises in helping people achieve their goals and dreams. She is passionate about assisting others to reach their highest ambitions and live a life that is fulfilling and rich.

Catherine thinks BIG, encourages possibilities, and honours individual wisdom. She firmly believes that the more people we help tap into their potential power the more the population will become awake to a consciousness shift towards a common global mindset for the betterment of all humankind.

Catherine is the founder of ‘20 seconds of Courage’ for one day launching on March the 10th 2019. Hush Hush Biz spoke with Catherine.

Q. You mentioned on your blog that the concept of ’20 seconds of courage’ was inspired after watching the film We Bought A Zoo. What often inspires your topic choices? Art, experience or a combination of both?

A. Most of the time I get inspired by conversations. I have a curious mind and love to learn from others. I also get inspiration from books I read, or in my meditation, I get very clear vivid signs and lots of the time I get inspiration when I am writing, it comes pouring in like a waterfall.

Q. How did your own personal journey of helping others begin?

A. My personal journey of helping others started with my own pain, my own battles of the mind, my own heroine’s journey – a quest to heal the deep wounding of my feminine nature … on a personal, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This is where the adventure really started, I invested time with self and really unpacked my unconscious mind that led to a psychological journey to become whole and integrating all parts of me.

Q. It is through my own learnings and transformation that I am now able to help others. During this time of healing I wrote a book Getting to the Heart of the Matter – The no-nonsense guide to personal and professional transformation.

A. In your opinion, what is the biggest/most common limit that people place on themselves that hinders them from achieving their highest potential?
Fear is the biggest most common limit that individuals experience. The first step is to be able to identify it by giving ‘fear’ a name – is it fear of failure, success, mistakes, rejection and the list goes on… Then we face the fear to really get a feel of what is it preventing you from becoming and then we do a little bit of exploration. Imagine life without this fear and our final step is to eliminate the fear. It’s all in the book, I have lots of step-by-step processes for you to boost your confidence and nip fear in the butt for good!!

Q. You specialise in helping others identify and achieve their own goals, have you noticed a common desire amongst your clients?

A We as a society focus on having more money, having a better relationship, having a better job and having a better something… What this does when we focus on ‘having’, we seek external of ourselves to find what we want, which normally leaves one overwhelmed, over stretched and stressed out, trying to achieve their point of ‘having’ – only to be left feeling unhappy, empty and exhausted. When we come from a place of the heart and I ask my clients “what is it that you want?” most of them can’t give me an answer because they have been seeking external of themselves for such a long time.

Most individuals yearn connection, love, belonging and happiness. Imagine if ‘happiness’ was the aim, you would go about it in a different manner. You would be seeking internal and you would be asking questions like “what can I do today to make me happy?”. You see, what we seek we already own, it’s in every single one of us. We just have to invest time with ‘self’ and when one is happy, ultimately one will attract the very thing they want, when we come from a place of bliss, and gratitude our vibration is elevated and therefore we are not investing so much time external of ourselves.

Q. What is your advice for the everyday person who feels stuck?

A. Invest time with your greatest asset which is YOU. Only when you invest time with self, will you be able to hear the words uttered by your saboteur, your inner critic and your ego. Once you can identify how they are keeping you stuck only then can the work begin. So block some time in your calendar for YOU!!

The greatest gift you can give yourself is time!!

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