QSO Maestro Concert –Pure Delight And Masterful

Conductor Alondra de la Parra, Piano Jan Lisiecki performed the Australian debut, Queensland Symphony Orchestra exclusive
Alondra de la Parra’s Mahler cycle continues.

This was the First QSO brings you of the Australian debut of Jan Lisiecki. This internationally acclaimed pianist, noted for his award-winning discography and widely regarded as an “aristocrat of the piano”, performs one of Mozart’s most popular piano concertos. This was one live performance that was truly one of the most up lifting musical experience that I personally have had. To witness and observe Lisiecki with the whole orchestra and conductor Mahier is one I will never forget and as to the full house that was there.

The evening concluded with Mahler’s blockbuster Fifth Symphony No 5, renowned for its famously exquisite adagietto, featured in the movie Death in Venice. This was again quiet amazing to feel, see and feel the emotion of the how the combined symphony No 5 in C sharp miner being conducted by Gustav Mahier again a true master as our the QSO.

Caroline Russo

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