Queensland Symphony Orchestra partnership with Yurika takes music to students across the state

Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) is proving time and time again that nothing can stop their music, and an exciting new partnership with Yurika means the Orchestra can now teach students throughout Queensland.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra Chief Executive Craig Whitehead said he was thrilled to announce this important new music partnership; one that reflects a commitment by both parties to educating Queensland’s musicians of tomorrow.

“We are very excited to welcome Yurika, part of Queensland Energy, as a new Supporting Partner for the development of educational videos produced for public and private schools throughout Queensland,” he said.

“Ensuring music and music education is available to all Queensland students is a major priority for the Orchestra, and now, through this partnership, we can deliver and ensure QSO is and remains an Orchestra For Everyone.”

“Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s innovative 2020 Education Program will now feature instrumental teaching videos, produced with our wonderful musicians based on suggestions sent to us by the State’s Regional Instrumental Music Coordinators, who daily face the challenges of teaching a multitude of instruments across all levels and ages.

“These videos bring the music of QSO and music lessons into classrooms in some of the most remote parts of the state. Our musicians will be able to engage and share advice and techniques learnt over a lifetime of playing. The videos will be available on our website and also hosted by the Department of Education portal, for private and public schools.”

Yurika Acting Executive General Manager Carly Irving said the company was proud to be partnering with the Orchestra on such an innovative and engaging program for young Queenslanders.

“As part of Energy Queensland, we believe it’s particularly important to energise Queensland communities. We understand that the length and breadth of our great state often creates major obstacles for education and it’s our aim through this partnership to make the music of QSO available to all students, regardless of where they live,” she said.

In 2019, Queensland Symphony Orchestra worked directly with 125 schools and 13,000 school students across the state. Of these, 7,000 were students outside the Brisbane metropolitan area. The Orchestra also toured Queensland and gave 33 performances in regional areas last year, a remarkable feat.

The announcement follows recent news of extended partnerships with The University of Queensland for the tertiary education program involving almost 130 students annually, and with Australia Pacific LNG for the continued support for two of QSO’s most vital outreach music programs – the Gladstone Enrichment through Music (GEM) program, and the Chinchilla Miles Roma Tara Enrichment through Music (CMR) Initiative.

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