The spontaneous and full standing ovation was so deserved, for Barbara and the Camp Dogs is theatre at it’s best, and on Friday evening at the official opening night in the Bille Brown Theatre, there wasn’t a person who left unaffected. The audience laughed, cried and loved. It’s that sort of show.

This ‘raw and stirring’ rock’n’roll family reunion road-trip story runs through until May 25, and it’s another piece of brilliant programming from Queensland Theatre’s Sam Strong.

Co-created by, and starring, the multi-talented Ursula Yovich (Top End Wedding, Australia, TV’s Redfern Now,) Barbara and the Camp Dogs is a gob-spit of fun, frenzy and family that finds beauty in honesty and hope in confrontation with the past. Starring a live band on stage, the show also features cabaret seating for the first time at the new Bille Brown Theatre, with a limited number of seats on-stage, up close and personal to the music and the drama.

Joining Yovich on the stage is Black Arm Band musician Troy Jungaji Brady as Barbara’s brother Joseph (Barbara is his stage debut) and Elaine Crombie (TV’s Redfern Now, Rosehaven and Malthouse’s Blaque Showgirls), as her cousin Rene along with band members Sorcha Albuquerque (Lead Guitar), Jessica Dunn (bass) and Michelle Vincent (Drums).

The Story: Barbara and her band, The Camp Dogs, have been trying to make it in Sydney, but it’s a tough town for musicians. In all the relentless demands of city life, the wild and unpredictable Barbara craves a sense of belonging. So, she hits the road with her cousin, RenĂ©. What follows is part road-story, part family drama, part political cry from the heart, interlaced with original songs that range from punk-inspired explosions of rage, to tender rock and soul ballads full of yearning.

Queensland Theatre presents Barbara and the Camp Dogs

by Ursula Yovich and Alana Valentine

1 – 25 May in the Bille Brown Theatre

TICKETS AT: www.queenslandtheatre.com.au | Telephone 1800 355 528 | Email [email protected]

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