Ravishing Fashionistas Ready To Rock The Fashion Frocks

Ravishing Fashionistas is a unique concept created by Upma Kit in 2019, which exists to help women embrace themselves by breaking stereotypes in the fashion industry. We have managed to deliver two SOLD OUT fashion shows: the first in March 2019 at Sofitel; and the second in February 2020 at Stanford Plaza.

At the end of June, the RF Team were ready to do it all again at the Royal International Convention Centre – however due to Covid19 restrictions, we had to postpone our Fashion Show to August 21st, 2021 to ensure that we can achieve our goal of the biggest & best Ravishing Fashionistas Fashion Show yet. Continuing the mission to embrace yourself by breaking stereotypes and advocating positive body image, the Ravishing Fashionistas Team is determined to deliver an exceptional Fashion Show experience.

Encouraging everyone to fight prejudice and advocate positive body image for all women; their message to the community is to confidently embrace their beauty and body irrespective of their age, body type, background, skin colour or culture. Every woman has a story and a unique personality – and Ravishing Fashionistas want to hear it.

Royal International Convention Centre is now confirmed and August 21st, 2021, in order to help raise funds for much needed charities such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation & Dignifying Women.

You can find more details on our website at www.ravishingfashionistas.com or contact us at [email protected]

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