The Red carpet event welcomed many industry guests in Film and TV to Event Cinema Mt Gravatt last Tuesday night 19th March to hear a female panel talk on What Women Want In Filmmaking. Caroline Russo who hosts the event under QLD FILM TV EVENTS had special guests Priscilla Cameron and Pam Collis, and Lee Constable share and give great insights to their backgrounds and more.

Priscilla Cameron, Pam Collins , Caroline Russo and Lee Constable

Lewis Lee OAM Jess Butland, Simone Price and Jack Sun

Lark Lee, Britt Kynde, Alexis Anastasi, Mem Ranell and Sarah Jackson

Bailey Lawson and Caroline Russo

Gina Black and John Prescott

Jack Sun, Freya Ostapovitch and Lewis Lee OAM

Lee Constable

Simone Price and Erin Price

Lee Constable and Julia Baker

Caroline Russo and Romana Jackson

Tania Marino

Brian Vaughan and guest

Caroline Russo and Carl Miller

Bernard Mina and Lark Lee

Caroline Russo, Jack Sun and Gina Black

Cheryl Fagan

Pina Russo and Caroline Russo

Photo Credit Copywrite Mirre Jennings

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