Review Of Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine

Warning: this is with out a doubt a must see production.

If you are lucky to have scored a ticket to Shake & Stir Theatre Co’s stage adaptation of ‘Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine’ then lucky you… This production has been extended another week due to all shows already nearly selling out prior to the opening night.


Directed by the very talented Ross Balbuziente, together with a tight knit cast of Johnny Balbuziente, Leon Cain, Nelle Lee, Bryan Probets and Nick Skubij, all enjoyed the making of the production, something which was evident as it came to life on the stage.

There wouldn’t be a child that hasn’t heard of Roald Dahls’s suite of books as they have always remained prominent in the libraries of schools in Australia. Balbuziente’s adaptation is full of cheeky humour for the kids and even adults, together with collaborative set design, sound fx and lighting makes this quiet a stand out show that is full of magical moments and memorable grabs!

The pace of the hour long show keeps everyone on the edge of their seat. There is an hilarious narration throughout as George Kranky (Skubij) sets out on a mission to create a medicine to get rid of his nasty grandma (Cain).

This is a treat in every way for all the family guaranteed to inject you with good vibes. If laughter persists the next day, please consult your GP.

Part of the QPAC summer set so far this January 2016, finishing up 23 January. Here’s hoping they bring it back again!

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Photo Credits and Review by Caroline Russo
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