Triple X
Writer Glace Chase


Scotty Josh McConville
Jase Elijah Williams
Claire Contessa Treffone
Deborah Christen O’Leary
Dexie Glace Chase

Director Paige Rattray
6 March – 1 April, 2021
Billie Brown, Queensland Theatre, QLD

Triple X has to be one of the highlights of “Queensland Theater” already and one play I been dying to see as it was the first casualty of Covid 19 to being closed just days to open in 2020. Now for me, I can say the wait was worth it as I sat through what was one extremely entertaining insightful live performances that covered such a powerful complex love story and the applause goes to playwriter actress Glace Chase. She gives an outstanding performance that she has written to being based on parts of her life back when she lived in New York.

Set in a Manhattan apartment the stage design brings you that look of a rich pad and intro to meet the characters where Scotty played by Josh McConville who is incredible in this is a high-end Wall St worker who suffers a lot of addictions and dout in himself but is engaged to be married when one night out to a stripper club he meets Dixey. Having had a hard night out he has got himself wasted’ but is rescued by Dixey who gets him home and safe. This leads and begins an attraction but more so questions and curiosity for Scotty as to Dixey being a transgender!

The support acts are perfectly matched here as to Scotty family especially Christen O’Leary who plays his mum and whose lines are so funny and off the page as is her American accents’ she is divine in this. Bring in lesbian sister Claire played by Contessag Treffone, and close friend who shares the apartment Jase, played by newcomer Elijah Willaims and you have a great cast that is tight on the delivery of this fast-paced story.

It sure takes you on a journey, that is raw and real material with insightful emotions that will make you laugh, tear and think, and feel for Scotty and Dixie.

I truly loved every moment of this play’ and director Paige Rattray”, who has had a close friendship with Chase over 10 years, has indeed achieved the results of what is one play that will no doubt allow for all audiences when they see this to exchange open conversation that is so needed and one that in society today to understand and care of the very nature of human emotions. This is great theatre, Brisbane and I cant wait to see what Glace Chase does next. Bring it on.


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