The Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life is a pioneering foundation with a focus on elevating the quality of dementia care. Crafted from the Dementia Care International charity, the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life has enriched many lives world-wide. This foundation strives to bring the conscious practice of love and compassion into dementia care.

Recently the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life has had the privilege to be a part of the new Australian feature film RUBY’S CHOICE. This foundation is the official charity of the film RUBY’S CHOICE as named by Sir Owen Glenn. Sir Owen Glenn of the Glenn Family Foundation is a philanthropist who works tirelessly to help the disadvantaged. His work takes him around the world providing opportunities and basic human necessities for those in need. His latest ventures have included the building of schools & institutions, helping with the fight against anti- trafficking with women and children, anti-violence against women and numerous other works. His work has been recognised world-wide and the support he has offered largely successful. Generously, Sir Owen Glenn has decided to donate 50% of the profits to the Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life. His support for those in need during these times of peril is a call for action.

‘The Dementia Foundation for Spark of Life is a charity that aims to support access for aged care services to access the dementia foundation model that enables people with dementia to be loved supported and valued’, says Dementia Foundation Representative. The aid that Sir Owen Glenn has provided for the foundation will help the organisation to continue its mission in supporting those affected by dementia.

RUBYS’S CHOICE is produced/directed by Michael Budd and the sole executive producer is Sir Owen Glenn. The film has attracted an exceptional cast starring lead actress Jane Seymour. Production is currently underway in Sydney, Australia as the film team works relentlessly through the many obstacles that COVID-19 has provided. Composed by emerging Brisbane writer Paul Mahoney the story of RUBY’S CHOICE follows the life of a woman living alone in the early stages of dementia and the impact this has on her family when she is no longer able to sustain independent living. RUBY’S CHOICE showcases the harsh reality of dementia and its implications for millions of people world-wide.

The film inspires conversation about dementia and aims to reveal the reality of this ailment. ‘The film RUBY’S CHOICE should be seen as a positive and perception shifting story, as it is very in line with what we are trying to achieve as an organisation and the message we are trying to support.’ says Dementia Foundation Representative.

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