Screen producers Australia  welcomes the Budget announcement of an increase to the Location Offset to 30%.


This measure will make Australia a highly competitive destination for international productions and ensures that the growth of jobs in this sector can continue along with new spending in the country.
SPA applauds the government’s timely investment into this part of the sector when the existing Location Offset Incentive was coming to an end.
We are buoyed by the commitment of Albanese Governments, through Minister Burke’s portfolio, to the screen sector and acknowledge that this change has come ahead of significant regulatory changes that could have equal and/or even more significant outcomes for Australian audiences and the Australian industry.
However, this increase does not operate in isolation, as the Australian screen industry has an array of incentives and interventions for both international and domestic work at both the federal and state levels.
It is good news that the Government has recognised the need for capacity building through increased levels of training and expanded screen infrastructure to take advantage of the resulting industry growth planned.
Getting the balance between international productions and Australian ones is of utmost importance.
This is a positive sign that the Australian Government is listening to the needs of the Australian screen industry and is taking action.
With consultation on a model for streaming regulation under active consideration, Australian screen producers who make Australian stories for Australian audiences and to showcase our nation to the world are similarly looking forward to having their priorities addressed by the Australian Government.

For too long, investment in Australian stories has been largely at the gift of often global streaming businesses, and the needs of Australian audiences have been neglected.

Now with a new National Cultural Policy that puts the priority on Australian culture and Australian stories, we look forward to securing regulation of streaming platforms that will deliver the sustainable investment that will secure growth in the Australian screen industry. We acknowledge that this consultation is currently taking place and encourage the Government to continue taking the brave step to ‘Make it Australian’.
A key part of the success of this will depend on ensuring Australian children can see and hear Australian stories and that Australia maintains its cultural sovereignty through ownership and control of the intellectual property in Australian creative output.
Australian audiences should expect nothing less from their government.

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