STRANDED. The story of the birth of punk music in Brisbane in the
1970s to premiere on ABCTV, Tuesday 15 September at 9.30pm

Screen Queensland is delighted to announce Queensland co-producers
Veronica Fury and Murray Power and WildBear Entertainment’s
documentary feature, Stranded, will be airing next week on ABCTV,
Tuesday 15 September at 9.30pm AEST.

Proudly supported by Screen Queensland, Stranded is an important slice
of Brisbane’s pop cultural history and features interviews with Bob
Geldof and a broad array of international, national and local music

Stranded traces the unlikely birth of the Australian punk music scene
in Brisbane in the 1970s – the evolution, the revolution and the

Led by singer Chris Bailey and guitarist Ed Kuepper, The Saints was a
punk music band that emerged from a Brisbane garage and subsequently
its underground music scene in the 1970s.

With their debut single “I’m Stranded”, The Saints rocked onto the
world stage.

‘We recognise the importance of supporting factual features such as
Stranded which captures an exciting moment in Brisbane’s pop cultural
history,’ said Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira.

‘It is about Queensland’s capital city, set against social and
political unrest, that led a punk music movement.

‘It captures our musical heritage on film and tells a story that may
not be known to younger generations about the significane of Brisbane
and some young musicians who were involved in the birth of punk music.’


Stranded is the story of a group of four suburban boys from Brisbane
who called themselves The Saints and who would unwittingly play a part
in changing the world’s musical landscape forever.

Set against the backdrop of recession and conservative government and
with a population that had no desire for change, Queensland was the
perfect breeding ground for a musical and cultural revolution.

It was a time when almost simultaneously and independently of each
other, the Ramones were thrashing away in New York, the Sex Pistols
were enraging the establishment in London and in of all places,
Brisbane, The Saints were rewriting the music rulebook.

This engaging, surprising and fast paced documentary features a
stunning array of archival material, amazing music and interviews with
international punk doyens Bob Geldof, Steve Diggle, Jello Biafra,
along with a great mix of local’s who were there.

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