Screenwest is pleased to announce five projects will receive a share of $100,000 in development and production support through its recently announced the Interactive Pilot Fund.
The Interactive Pilot Fund is intended to grow and stimulate Western Australia’s small but vibrant interactive, Virtual Reality (VR) and video game sectors.
Screenwest Interactive and Games Consultant Vee Pendergrast said launching the Interactive Pilot Fund was an exciting move and a colossal step forward for the Western Australian Interactive industry.
“I’m proud to be supporting this initiative with Screenwest,” said Ms Pendergrast. “It’s a real turning point in the growth of our industry towards sustainability.
“This round was spectacularly competitive with twenty-four applications submitted, which was far beyond our expectations!
“I’m excited to see the amazing products that will be generated with support from this initiative, which will feature Western Australia’s finest developers on the international stage.”

Screenwest CEO Willie Rowe said, “The videogame and interactive industry is projected to draw in well over $US 200 billion in revenue in the next few years.”
“This is our first step in nurturing it. We look forward to seeing the long-term effects of job creation and the growth of the unique cultural proposition that Western Australian made games will provide.”

Interactive Pilot Fund Recipients
Letters of Offer have been issued to the following projects.
• PC Game
• Developer: Nathan Scott
• Designer/Programmer: Nathan Scott
• Artist: Carly McGowan
CourtFiends is a narrative-based dungeon crawler where you can date the demons you defeat in turn-based tennis combat.
• VR Game with 360 footage
• Developer: Amy Louise Doherty
• Executive Producer/Creative Director: Amy Louise Doherty
• Technical Director/Programmer: Brian Goodwin
GhostCam is an immersive, Choose Your Own Adventure game where you hunt for ghosts… at your own risk!
Lost and Hound
• PC Game
• Developer: Daisy Ale Soundworks and Brian Fairbanks
Lost and Hound is an investigative adventure so finely-tuned that players of all abilities, including blind and vision-impaired players, can rise to the challenge of using a dog’s heightened senses to track people that are lost, and save lives!

• Mobile Game
• Developer: Hungry Sky
• Lead Designer, Producer and Programmer: Nick Lowe
• Lead Artist: Lauren Fletcher
• Sound Design and Composer: Ben Hammersley
• Programmer: Minh Tran
Nekograms is an adorable and addictive puzzle game about helping cats fall asleep by sliding them on to cushions.
• PC Game
• Developer: Dadof Games
• Team Lead: Matthew Dyet
• Art and Accessibility: Jess Watson
• Writing: Ben White
• Narrative Design: Damon Reece
Help an AI escape its prison by solving puzzles with clues in the real world in ReCaptive.

Interactive Pilot Fund
The Screenwest Interactive Pilot Fund provides funding support for the development and/or production of high-quality original interactive digital media content projects, including:
• VR (Virtual Reality)
• AR (Augmented Reality)
• MR (Mixed Reality)
• XR (Extended Reality)
• Video games (including Serious Games which may have the potential to effect social change)
• Multi-platform projects

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