Screenwest is excited to announce the recipients of the 2019 West Coast Visions initiative are Writer/Director Renée Webster and Producers Tania Chambers of Feisty Dame Productions and Judi Levine of Such Much Films.

The 2019 West Coast Visions recipients will receive $750,000 towards the feature film How To Please A Woman.
The film is a heartfelt comedy drama that tells the story of Gina, an admin worker who starts a company providing women with quality sexual experiences packaged with a houseclean, and discovers the boundless nature of not only their desires but also her own.
How To Please A Woman received development funding under Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Brilliant Stories initiative and Screenwest’s Feature Development program.
Screenwest Head of Production and Development Matt Horrocks said the feature film’s DNA was strong and its underlying themes were universal.

“The ideas explored in the film will touch audiences worldwide and I’m very excited to see another Western Australian feature film creating opportunities for local crew and creatives to continue working locally,” Mr Horrocks said.
Ms Webster and the Producers were thrilled by the announcement.

“How To Please A Woman is an unruly, naughty, feel-good film that explores core themes of women and men’s sexuality, ageing and vulnerability.” Ms Webster said.
Producer Tania Chambers commented: “Renée Webster’s talent shone through her previous work where I saw how the audience was touched by her lead characters and thoroughly entertained. I believe it is rare to see a representation of women in commercial cinema that has the balance of seriousness, tenderness and joy we will present in How To Please A Woman.”
“As soon as I read the script I knew I wanted to make this film. It has complex, authentic characters and the imagery of women swimming in the Indian Ocean is really powerful.” said Producer Judi Levine. “This movie illuminates the truth about women balancing the challenges of aging with their continuing needs for an emotionally and physically satisfying life, and will have an innate international appeal.”
Since its inception more than a decade ago, Screenwest’s West Coast Visions initiative has uncovered, inspired and developed the careers of local directors including Zak Hilditch (These Final Hours), Ben Young (Hounds of Love), Stephen McCallum (1%), Maziar Lahooti (Below) and the 2018 recipient Jub Clerc (Sweet As).
More information about Screenwest’s premium West Coast Visions initiative can be found online at:

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