Self-Expression and High Performance: Oakley Launches New Encoder Extension Line

American sports and performance eyewear brand Oakley recently launched its new Encoder Extension Collection alongside the company’s latest apparel collection called Crush The Ordinary. The two new eyewear styles are an addition to the brand’s Encoder line — the Encoder Ellipse and Encoder Squared, both of which are available with Oakley’s Prizm Lens Technology that helps enhance colour, contrast, and detail for their wearers across various activities.

While the apparel collection shines in premium all-black jackets, tees, pants, and vests for everyday use, the two new eyewear products are bolder in design and come in three colours each. The Ellipse is available in Matte Black, Matte Navy, Gold and X-Silver frames, whereas the Squared comes in Sky Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Carbon.

The new collection joins the already extensive line of high-performance Oakley sunglasses, which feature Unobtainium ear socks and nose pads that provide a no-slip grip, making the eyewear a futuristic cross between self-expression and high performance. Whether you prefer the rounded edges of the Ellipse or the angular edges of the Squared, both new Encoders feature a wide, high bridge fit that ensures optimal field of vision.

Meanwhile, Oakley’s O-Matter temples keep the shades low profile and comfortable, even with hats or helmets on. Oakley’s lenses are also designed and tested under extremely high mass and high-velocity circumstances, providing powerful impact protection for use in extreme sports. It’s important to note that both shades, due to the Prizm’s ability to enhance colour and contrast, are unsuitable for driving and road use.

Oakley’s dedication to sport and aesthetic

The new Encoder Extension line is the latest in Oakley’s long-standing collaborative work and partnerships with the sports world. The Kato series frameless eyewear, released in 2021, also employed the brand’s Prizm lens technology and featured a high-concept futuristic silhouette.

In its development, Oakley worked with a select group of elite professional athletes, including Patrick Mahomes, Mark Cavendish, Nigel Sylvester, and Joseph Newgarden, to test the eyewear’s durability and performance. Like the new Encoder shades, the Kato boasted impact protection, a wider field of view, and comfort through Unobtainium ear socks.

In 2023, Oakley also launched a new 2023 Bike Collection featuring eyewear, helmets, and apparel for riders of any and every terrain. Focusing on safety, endurance, style, and performance, the collection is led by another new Encoder — the Encoder Strike — that focuses on more functional, cycling-based needs, such as a ventilated design to maintain optimal airflow and keep cyclists cool. To cap off the premium cycling eyewear, the Encoder Strike also features the O-Matter lens shape enabled by PhysioMorphic Geometry, Oakley’s optical design innovation introduced in 2021 with the Kato.

Like the new Encoder Extension line, the 2023 Bike Collection also features a new line of apparel, footwear, helmets, and other road cycling and mountain biking accessories like endurance bibs, created in partnership with cycling performance specialist brand Elastic Interface.

Oakley’s legacy

Today, Oakley remains a popular go-to brand for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. The sportswear brand is an instant favourite among consumers for its ability to mesh bold, edgy colours and designs with extreme durability and high function, making its eyewear an excellent brand for daily use and specialised sports performance.

The brand’s constant work with professional sportsmen and women ensures that its products are made with athletes’ needs in mind while still managing to create design innovations that make its wearers stand out.

We recently highlighted online shopping event Click Frenzy Mayhem, where renowned eyewear brands such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Sunglass Hut participated in providing valuable discounts on sunglasses, apparel, and other eyewear. While the new Oakley line may not be part of the event, sports and fashion enthusiasts can still score other Oakley products in the Encoder line at an affordable rate.

credit: Oakley on Instagram

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