SHEPPARD “Brand New”

Brisbane’s band Sheppard’s new song is “Brand New” a track that defines the kind of endless love all of us envy.

A never-ending honeymoon that extends from adventurous beginnings, to the empathy and comfort of adulthood. Sheppard describe these ever-evolving emotions of love as an experience that has no equal … it is pure, raw, invigorating and always feels “Brand New”.

Upon debut, “Brand New” was added to Spotify playlists ‘Happy Pop’, ‘Pop N Fresh’ and YouTube Playlists, ‘Released’ and ‘Pop Fresh’.

Listen here: Spotify

George Sheppard: “It’s a high-octane belter of a love song. It’s kind of like if ‘Bruce Springsteen’ and ‘The Killers’ had a lovechild that ‘Coldplay’ babysat from time to time.”

Now with 17.5 thousand views and over 130 thousand streams on Spotify in less than 2 weeks after release, “Brand New” has an impressive trajectory that is reminiscent of Sheppard’s previous hits Symphony, Die Young and On My Way.

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